Who We Are

The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is a not-for-profit, highly efficient R&D
consortium of leading electronics manufacturers, suppliers, associations, government agencies and universities.


Our mission is to forecast and accelerate improvements in the electronics manufacturing industry for a sustainable future.

iNEMI roadmaps the future technology requirements of the global electronics industry, engaging experts and stakeholders from around the globe and throughout the supply chain.  From there we work collaboratively with our members to identify and prioritize technology and infrastructure gaps, and address these challenges and gaps through timely, high-impact development projects.

iNEMI membership enables leaders in the electronics manufacturing industry to work together to address common challenges and enable technology deployment for a sustainable future.


2015 Roadmap Executive Summary Highlights

The Executive Summary Highlights provide a high-level overview of some of the major trends and key drivers identified in the 2015 Roadmap.

2017 Roadmap highlights will be available soon.

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iNEMI provides the structure that enables our members to accelerate global innovation. Our collaborative R&D has supported the strong growth of the electronics manufacturing industry for more than 20 years.


Leverage resources up to 20x on key projects and focus areas through collaboration with some of the best technology experts in the industry.



Together with other industry leaders you will help accelerate innovation and ensure technology readiness for businesses.



Influence and help create industry-standard solutions that lead to competitive products.                                   

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iNEMI Research Priorities

The aim of publishing the iNEMI Research Priorities is to facilitate the development of solutions to the identified longer term pre-competitive needs of the electronics industry worldwide.

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Roadmap Flyer

The Roadmap flyer provides a high-level overview of what the iNEMI Roadmap is, how is it produced, and what areas of the electronics manufacturing industry are covered by the research.

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What Our Members Say

  • We rely on a vertically integrated organization like iNEMI where we can develop technologies with others in the industry to accelerate our time to market and reduce development expenses.

    Mark Morizio
    - Lenovo

    iNEMI’s cross-industry collaboration is what attracted us. As consultants, it’s valuable to us to meet the other folks involved — people who care about standards development and who collaboratively resolve problems.

    John McNulty
    - Exponent
  • We can accelerate completion of projects with joint participation from different members on the common need of the industry, benefitting both GE and the industry.

    Murad Kurwa
    - General Electric

    “These are the type of projects that one company cannot do or drive on its own. It really requires a collaborative effort across the entire supply chain." 

    Mostafa Aghazadeh
    - Intel
  • We have been involved with iNEMI from the beginning because a lot of our customers are members. It’s a very practical way to be in touch with customers and listen to their plans for the coming years.

    Koen Gieskes
    - Universal Instruments & Hover-Davis

    [The iNEMI Roadmap] gives us an opportunity to develop the right product at the right time for the right people. 

    Jean-Luc Pelissier
    - Universal Instruments

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Insights & News From the iNEMI Network

Packaging Innovation Maintains the Pace of Progress as Moore’s Law Scaling Slows

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