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Development of the iNEMI Technical Plan is part of iNEMI’s successful methodology. First, the roadmap identifies technology gaps and needs. Follow-up "gap analysis" by iNEMI’s Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) then help prioritize those needs and identify the ones that can most effectively be addressed through industry collaboration.

The Technical Plan, a members-only document, provides a concise, yet complete, presentation of the gaps between present industry capabilities as represented by state-of-the-art-practices, and future industry needs as forecast by the roadmap. It lays out a five-year plan that defines the projects and activities deemed necessary to close the identified gaps, and these plans become the basis for iNEMI projects.

The plan is organized by TIG and covers the following areas:

   • Board assembly
   • Medical electronics
   • Optoelectronics
   • Printed circuit boards
   • Substrates & packaging
   • Sustainable electronics
   • Test

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