About iNEMI

The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is a not-for-profit, highly efficient R&D consortium of approximately 90 leading electronics manufacturers, suppliers, associations, government agencies and universities.

iNEMI roadmaps the future technology requirements of the global electronics industry, identifies and prioritizes technology and infrastructure gaps, and helps eliminate those gaps through timely, high-impact deployment projects. These projects support our members' businesses by accelerating deployment of new technologies, developing industry infrastructure, stimulating standards development, and disseminating efficient business practices. We also sponsor proactive forums on key industry issues and publish position papers to focus industry direction.

iNEMI is based in Herndon, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.), with regional offices in Asia (Shanghai and Tokyo) and Europe (Limerick and the London area). We are led by an international board of directors with management depth who represent a cross-section of the electronics manufacturing industry.

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Our Process



iNEMI's roadmap provides a 10-year outlook for electronics manufacturing, anticipating technology needs and identifying gaps. It is unique in scope — covering the full supply chain — and is an important tool for focusing R&D priorities.

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technical planning

iNEMI’s process of combining roadmapping, gap analysis and industry input allows us to identify critical technology needs. iNEMI helps members capitalize on business opportunities evolving from these new available technologies.

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deployment projects

iNEMI’s deployment projects eliminate technology gaps, set direction for future technology, and drive standardization to reduce cost and complexity. These projects leverage the efforts and resources of participants from multiple member companies, reducing the risk and cost to any one organization.

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industry outreach

iNEMI workshops provide forums for sharing solutions & best practices, prioritizing key challenges, and networking with our global network. Whitepapers & position papers establish members’ positions on various topics to help accelerate convergence on key issues.

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Our Members


Through the combined power of iNEMI's global membership, we offer the opportunity to efficiently drive technology development and deployment across the global supply chain. 

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What Our Members Are Saying

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    “iNEMI’s cross-industry collaboration is what attracted us. As consultants, it’s valuable to us to meet the other folks involved — people who care about standards development and who collaboratively resolve problems.”

    John McNulty
    - Exponent
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    “We rely on a vertically integrated organization like iNEMI where we can develop technologies with others in the industry to accelerate our time to market and reduce development expenses.”

    Mark Morizio
    - Lenovo
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    “We see a lot of advantage and a lot of value in being associate with iNEMI. It gives us an opportunity to develop the right product at the right time for the right people.”

    Jean-Luc Pelissier
    - Universal Instruments
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    “We can accelerate completion of projects with joint participation from different members on the common need of the industry, benefitting both Flex and the industry.”

    Murad Kurwa
    - Flex
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    We have been involved with iNEMI from the beginning because a lot of our customers are members. It’s a very practical way to be in touch with customers and listen to their plans for the coming years.

    Koen Gieskes
    - Universal Instruments & Hover-Davis

iNEMI Leaders


Board of Directors

Marc Benowitz

Board of Directors

Mostafa Aghazadeh

Board of Directors

Murad Kurwa

Board of Directors

William Chen
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