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iNEMI has been developing industry roadmaps for more than 20 years. In that time, the roadmap has grown from six chapters in 1994 to 28 chapters with more than 2,300 pages in the 2017 Roadmap (the most recent edition published).

Our roadmap has become recognized as an important tool for defining the “state of the art” in the electronics industry as well as identifying emerging and disruptive technologies. It also includes keys to developing future iNEMI projects and setting industry R&D priorities over the next 10 years. Each roadmap builds on the processes of, and lessons learned from, previous editions. Each edition is a global collaborative effort that involves individuals from across the globe who are leading experts in their respective fields and represent many perspectives on the electronics manufacturing supply chain.

What makes up the Roadmap?

  • Discussion of the major trends in the evolution of technology across numerous disciplines, with an emphasis on identifying potentially disruptive events (business and technology)
  • A forecast of opportunities and challenges for the global electronics manufacturing industry
  • Information needed to identify critical technology and infrastructure gaps
  • Prioritized list of R&D needs to fill gaps
  • Calls to action that address industry needs

What do the Roadmaps do?

  • Help OEMs, EMS providers and suppliers prioritize investments in R&D and technology deployment
  • Influence the focus of university-based research
  • Provide guidance for government investment in emerging technologies

The 2017 iNEMI Roadmap is now on sale (and free to iNEMI members)

Now on sale! 2017 Roadmap

Linda Wilson, iNEMI's Roadmap Manager, talks about the importance of industry roadmaps.

Julie Silk, Environmental Compliance & Materials Reliability Program Manager, talks about the iNEMI roadmap and Keysight Technologies.

How to Get Involved

The iNEMI Roadmap is developed biennially by volunteers from the electronics manufacturing industry. iNEMI membership is not required to participate in roadmap development. In fact, the more diversified the representatives working on the roadmap, the broader the reach and the more valuable to the industry.

There are two kinds of working groups in which you can get involved: Product Emulator Groups (PEGs) and Technology Working Groups (TWGs). The PEGs cover product sector "key attribute" needs. The TWGs forecast evolutionary and revolutionary changes for technology and business/infrastructure areas, and also identify any potential gaps between the product sector needs and technology capabilities.

To find out more about working with iNEMI on developing the next Roadmap, join us at our next event or inquire today.

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2017 iNEMI Technical Plan

The Technical Plan, a members-only document, provides a concise, yet complete, presentation of the gaps between present industry capabilities as represented by state-of-the-art-practices, and future industry needs as forecast by the roadmap.

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Research Priorities

The 2017 Research Priorities identifies and prioritizes research needs based on the 2017 Roadmap and follow-on gap analysis activities. It provides a 10-year research vision to help focus limited R&D resources to ensure development of the innovative technologies required to maintain the growth of the electronics industry.

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Roadmap Chapters

The Roadmaps have Product Emulator Group (PEG) chapters that anticipate the product needs of the future, and Technology Working Group (TWG) chapters that identify key technology developments anticipated and required within the electronics manufacturing supply chain to meet product needs over a 10-year horizon.

Product Emulator Group Chapters

The 2017 iNEMI Roadmap featured seven chapters that anticipate the product needs of the future.
Click on PEG names below for 2017 chapter descriptions and/or to purchase the chapter.

Click here for information about the 2019 Roadmap and a list of PEGs for the next roadmap (currently in development).



Technology Working Group Chapters

The remaining 21 chapters of the 2017 Roadmap identify technology and infrastructure trends.
Click on TWG names below for chapter descriptions and/or to purchase a chapter.

Click here for information about the 2019 Roadmap and a list of TWGs for the next roadmap (currently in development).


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