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iNEMI has three new medical electronics currently in sign-up and a fourth in development. Membership is required to participate in these projects. Sign up by February 17, 2012 for:

We worked with our members and industry to understand the key gaps faced by the medical electronics manufacturing industry and to identify those areas where industry collaboration would be most beneficial. Through a series of meetings, we focused on the unique reliability and operating challenges facing the medical electronics industry and established the three projects listed above. 

We are in the developmental stages of a fourth initiative called Supply Chain Support for Medical Products. Open meetings are currently being held and anyone is welcomed to get involved. Other topics of interest to the medical electronics industry are being evaluated with the expectation that additional teams will be formed in the coming months.

If you are interested in any of these new collaborative teams, please contact Bill Bader for further information about how to participate in the discussions.

iNEMI Teleconference
(May 24, 2011)

Presentations and audio are available from this telecon.  For more information.

Medical Electronics Workshop/U.S.
(May 4-5, 2011; Santa Clara, California)

Speakers at this two-day meeting included international experts from biomedical research organizations, government agencies, medical device manufacturers and the medical electronics supply chain. They came together to discuss technical and regulatory challenges facing the implantable, portable and imaging segments of the medical electronics industry. Break-out sessions were used to identify the technology challenges and standardization gaps that can best be solved by collaborative efforts within the medical electronics industry. See presentations.

Medical Electronics Workshop/Europe
(September 16-17, 2010; Berlin, Germany)

This iNEMI workshop explored the substrate, packaging and interconnect technology challenges and standardization gaps anticipated in the implantable and portable segments of the medical electronics industry.  Participants helped identify the most critical needs, determine which needs would be best solved through collaborative efforts and formed action groups to initiate the required work. This initial meeting led to the follow-up workshop in the U.S.

Presentations from this workshop are not avaialble online; contact Grace O'Malley to obtain.

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