Whitepaper: Projects Look at HFRs in Computer Cords and Cables


An iNEMI whitepaper profiles two studies — one by iNEMI and the other by HDPUG — that are helping industry move toward halogen-free electronics. Each project represents three years of work, and both were led by Dell Inc., a member of the two consortia.

Concerns over release of dioxins from halogenated flame retardants (HFRs) used in electronic products when those products are improperly disposed of has led the major global PC manufacturers to phase out HFRs, including bromine, chlorine and PVC. These two projects were organized to help manufacturers with this transition.


Download iNEMI whitepaper

iNEMI press release

iNEMI PVC Alternatives Project

HDP User Group Announces Completion of Analysis of Halogen Free Cables Project (HDP User Group press release)

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