Holistic Modeling Process for Packaging Substrates

Statement of Work and Project Statement

  • Statement of Work - iNEMI Holistic Modeling Process for Packaging Substrates (Version 3.1, November 24, 2010)
  • Project Statement - iNEMI Holistic Modeling Process for Packaging Substrates (Version 3.1, November 24, 2010) (initial sign-up ended February 22, 2011)

Problem Statement

  • Develop a multilevel design tool to optimize package designs for electrical, mechanical, and thermal performance
  • The initial scope would be limited to focus on one package type which is defined as a market need 2-4 years out in the future
  • Package selected needs to be one which Application details and specs need to be provided from the OEM side.  Coverage of multiple applications is desirable.


  • Identify critical materials properties and proposed specifications for a specific package type.
  • Determine data depth/accuracy in critical materials properties required for model effectiveness.
  • Develop a holistic approach by involving data experts from materials, packaging, and substrate suppliers

Expected Output

  • By improving performance of a single package, demonstrate that this consortia approach can achieve improved performance and competitive costs

Steps for Joining the Project

The period for becoming a founding member for this project closed on February 22, 2011.  Team members must approve new participants.

For iNEMI members:

  • Complete and sign the project statement
  • Fax the completed statement(s) to +1 (703) 834-2735 or scan and email to infohelp@inemi.org

For non-members:

For Additional Information

Jim Arnold (North America)
Tel: +1 480-854-0906

Haley Fu (Asia)
+86 21-2215 7746

Chair: Darwin Edwards, Texas Instruments
Co-chair: Mudasir Ahmad, Cisco