Package Warpage Qualification Criteria

Problem Statement

  • Current standard is not adequate to predict good yield results at 1st and 2nd level assembly
  • Measurement methods (dimensional and test) not common


  • Define the qualification method and criteria; e.g., sample size, precondition, variations of material and processes (1st and 2nd level)
  • Establish measurement methods

Expected Output

  • Procedure and criteria reference for OEM and suppliers

Statement of Work

  • Statement of Work - Package Qualification Criteria to Ensure Acceptable Warpage Performance for 2nd Level Assembly (Version 3.0; September 21, 2010)

For Additional Information

Jim Arnold (North America)
+1 480-854-0906

Haley Fu (Asia)
+86 21-2215 7746


Chair: Wei Keat Loh, Intel
Co-chair: Robert Carson, Cisco