Supply Chain Support for Medical Products

iNEMI is beginning the planning process for an initiative on supply chain support for medical electronics. The objective of this planning process is to explore areas for industry collaboration that will lead to a Statement of Work (SOW) describing the scope, objectives and resources required for an industry-led project. The final SOW will be dependent on the contributions and interests of the initiative team. Possible areas for collaboration identified by iNEMI workshops and other meetings are:

1.      Create widely available information on component and supplier capabilities

a.    Clarity of supplier/OEM business models that support:

i.      NPI for innovative new products

ii.      Change control and product requalification

iii.      Requirements for long-life products

2.       Clarity of OEM/supplier operating agreements (e.g., best known methods templates)

a.       Liability indemnification (separate for each of the 3 sub-segments)

b.       Standardized qualification of suppliers (separate for each of the 3 sub-segments)

3.  Development of data declaration standards for medical – electronically transferrable (iNEMI provides the base and submits to a standard organization)

4.       Consider looking at combined needs of military and medical

5.       For rare earth metals and scarce/threatened plastics – clarify the medical market priorities and create an action plan:

a.        Needs to be an ongoing effort as the priorities will continually evolve/change

6.       Need to stimulate supply base for medical (components, materials, etc.)

Project Meetings

Allen Mayar (Kemet) and Eddie Suckow (Fairchild Semiconductor) have agreed to co-chair the discussions for this project formation team. The first open meeting was held on December 15, 2011.

Follow-up calls will be held on a regular basis until the Statement of Work (SOW) has been completed.

The iNEMI process of defining a SOW (project plan) is open to all interested parties; iNEMI membership is not required.  We look forward to working with you on the development of the SOW and hope you will continue to be involved in the planning process.

An email invitation will be sent to individuals who have already expressed a direct interest in participating in the project formation discussions. If you don’t receive an invitation and are interested in being added to the distribution list, please contact Grace O'Malley.

Further Information

Grace O'Malley
+353 87 9040 363