Follow-Up to Electronics Goes Green Forum & Potential Environmental Initiatives for 2017

Based on industry feedback, we have identified the following topics as potential new initiatives in 2017. Please indicate on this form which of these efforts you would like to participate in.

After submitting this form, you will be taken to a link where you can download materials from iNEMI’s original Electronics Goes Green forum and the follow-up webinar (held November 30, 2016).

Eco-Design.  Develop an industry white paper that features case studies and best practices, and identifies barriers in eco-design with specific recommendations for how ODMs can lead eco-design — for business, social, and environmental benefits — throughout the electronics industry.

Design for Sustainability Workshop. Organize an expert-facilitated workshop to explore the challenges and needs to optimize design for sustainability such that lasting and high-impact sustainable designs are delivered to the marketplace.  

Recycling.  Link iNEMI’s Reuse & Recycling Metrics project activities with the EU and the circular economy initiatives there, the update to IEC TR 62635, and other relevant environmental work such as the IEEE 1680 family of standards, ULE, EPEAT.

Extended Life through Durability, Repair and Reuse.  Develop a better understanding of what is needed for effective reuse and repair, identifying best practices, and working on industry alignment to adopt extended life principles. 

Collection of Used Electronics.  Address how the collection chain for electronics can be improved, assessed, and modeled.  What are the best practices and guidelines that have worked?  A diverse team is needed to discuss these and other possibilities in the area of collection. 

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