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January 2018

Happy New Year! I am glad to say that we have engaged all roadmap teams now for the 2019 Roadmap cycle, with a productive TWG organizing meeting January 8.  All teams on the call gave perspectives on their 2019 Roadmap plans, the work ahead to develop their roadmaps, and how best to engage with each other and in networks throughout the industry.  As we ramp up our teams and work, I plan to ensure that the iNEMI roadmap process is an integrated and interconnected effort among the various technologies and teams. 

Linda Wilson, iNEMI Roadmap Manager

Team Ramp-Up Underway

All Product Emulator Group (PEG) and Technology Working Group (TWG) teams now have materials for starting their 2019 Roadmap work with their teams. As part of the January 8 TWG organizing WebEx, we reviewed the tasks at hand and, prior to the call, sent pre-formatted chapter templates for the 2019 TWG chapters, previous 2017 TWG chapters in Word, plus the 2017 iNEMI Roadmap Executive Summary to the TWG chairs and co-chairs. PEG teams received their materials in October 2017. iNEMI is providing other aspects of team support, such as file share areas and marketing for team recruitment, especially for PEG and TWG chairs to lead these teams:

1. Consumer & Office Systems PEG (Chair & Co-Chair)
2. Portable & Wireless PEG (Chair & Co-Chair)
3. Automotive PEG (Chair & Co-chair)
4. IoT & Wearables PEG (Chair)
5. RF Components & Subsystems TWG (Chair & Co-Chair)

If you’re interested in getting involved in a PEG or TWG — either as a chair/co-chair or as a contributor — please contact me, Linda Wilson.

A New Topic for 2019 Roadmap – Smart Manufacturing
We are also continuing to develop a new roadmap topic area—smart manufacturing. We are meeting with industry experts interested in leading a team and working with other iNEMI roadmap teams to best scope the topics to be addressed in the 2019 Roadmap. Aspects of “smart” manufacturing include, for example, IoT, data management, and digital plant lifecycle management (DPLM), as well as concepts of Industry 4.0 and smart factories.

Our task will be to identify the missing attributes for smart manufacturing for a variety of items not covered by existing roadmap teams to minimize overlaps yet satisfy gaps in content with other PEGs or TWGs. Whether we form a new PEG or a new TWG, or combine the topic of smart manufacturing with an existing team will be decided soon.
Coming Soon: Prismark Industry Analysis Report
The industry analysis report provided through Prismark Partners will be released as an early draft in February. This report will provide background information for the final PEG emulator spreadsheet updates and the resulting work by the TWGs. The PEG teams have reviewed their key attributes for this cycle and, to date, no major changes have been suggested for the emulator spreadsheet. We will continue to update as we receive new insight from this industry analysis.
Be a Part of the Effort
Interested in being a roadmap PEG or TWG team member (or chair)? You do not need to be an iNEMI member to participate in the roadmap. Participation is open to all subject matter experts that have the expertise and are willing to commit a couple of hours a month to develop content with other team members, attend our roadmap webinars, and volunteer to write or review the team reports.

The 2019 Roadmap is currently organized into 28 groups, representing the individual roadmap chapters: seven PEGs, which cover product sectors, and 21 TWGs, which cover technology and business/infrastructure areas. See a list of current PEGs and TWGs, as well as the roles and requirements for roadmap team participants.
Join Us — PEG Workshop/TWG Kick-Off at APEX (February 25 & 26; San Diego, California)

We will kick off TWG activities with a meeting held in conjunction with APEX EXPO 2018 on Sunday, February 25 (1:30-5:00 p.m. PST) and Monday, February 26 (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST). Meetings will be held in room 5B of the San Diego Convention Center.

This meeting formally starts the work of TWG chapter planning. Day 1 will include a set of PEG presentations to provide information about existing and new product sector needs over the next 10 years. Day 2 will focus on TWG activities and include working break-out sessions. See agenda.  

All PEG and TWG team members are strongly encouraged to attend and represent their teams.  If a chair or co-chair cannot attend in person, please plan to send a delegate on your team’s behalf, or to call in through WebEx.  Presentation templates, additional meeting details and materials to be reviewed in advance will be distributed soon. Registration is now open for this event.

WebEx access will be provided for those unable to attend in person. Please contact Linda Wilson for details. 

TWG Kick-Off & PEG Workshop at APEX (February 25 & 26; San Diego, California)
Roadmap workshop/US at ECTC (May 28; San Diego, California)
Roadmap workshop/Europe (June 7; webinar)
Roadmap workshop/Asia (June 13; webinar)

iNEMI Roadmap: The Diversity of High-End Systems, Dale Becker (IBM), Chair of the 2017 High-End Systems PEG, PCD&F/CA magazines, January 2018.

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