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March 2018

The Product Emulator Group (PEG) Workshop and Technology Working Group (TWG) Kick-Off held at APEX in February was both productive and insightful for me as my first face-to-face roadmap meeting with the PEG and TWG teams. I was delighted to meet many of the team chairs and team members and was impressed with the work accomplished to date. I also met many folks whom I have not seen in many years – a real treat! The teams will explore their cross-cut needs with other PEGs and TWGs to work in an integrated and complementary way, with a map of information flow as a start and to then enable with cross-cut meetings hosted by iNEMI.

The roadmap teams readily accepted a challenge to visualize what the next “big thing” is for the electronics industry. We used the example of the NASA roadmaps that project going to Mars as a metaphor for our own roadmaps and the next 10-year vision for the electronics industry. We are entering what many believe to be the next industrial revolution with everything in our lives being impacted with “smart” and connected products, and data that will inform almost every aspect of our lives. The electronics industry will see this from several sides. In addition to developing and manufacturing products that are smart and impact the end user, smart manufacturing of electronics, with end-to-end automation, big data, and machine learning, has promising opportunities and daunting challenges. These challenges demand that we approach this new world of manufacturing by being smart ourselves as roadmappers. iNEMI can play a crucial role in guiding the industry in this space (no pun intended!) by providing a solid set of roadmaps.

  Linda Wilson, iNEMI Roadmap ManagerXX

Julie Silk, Keysight Technologies
Julie Silk talks about the iNEMI Roadmap and how Keysight combines information from the roadmap with what they are hearing from their suppliers to understand what technologies are coming up and what they need to be prepared for.
Smart Manufacturing Update

iNEMI continues to expand the Smart Manufacturing TWG effort, with many people interested in joining as new team members.  We held another productive meeting on March 1 to explore the scope and topics for this new chapter. The new TWG team is a multi-disciplinary group that will engage heavily with the other PEGs and TWGs.  We will meet twice a month for the first few months to stay on pace with the other teams to have a solid chapter for the 2019 cycle.  That agenda includes confirming our new co-chairs and section leadership and identifying the most critical topics the industry needs guidance with this year.  If you are interested in participating in this new iNEMI TWG, please contact me, Linda Wilson.

Prismark Industry Report

We received a draft of this report during our meeting at APEX. This industry analysis provides preliminary market and business environment statistics for targeted industry segments to support the submissions of the individual roadmap working groups. Draft situational analysis is provided; and the forecast period includes a baseline of 2017 with projections for 2019, 2021, 2023, and a long-term estimate to 2029. This preliminary report will be updated in August 2018 with finalized data sets. Additionally, product emulator sub-segments are provided as a reference to clarify where typical system product categories will be allocated in the consolidated end market production revenue statistics outlined in the report.

This industry analysis provides insights for the PEG teams that help them update their work for the 2019 Roadmap chapters. Each product group reviews the latest information and updates their key attributes table, as well as summarizes the impact of the key findings in their chapters. 

Recent Activity: PEG Workshop & TWG Kick-Off

The PEG Workshop and TWG Kick-Off at APEX was productive and well attended. Over 40 people participated either in person or through WebEx. Highlights from the PEGs included executive overviews of the situational analyses, key trends and drivers, probable updates to the key product attributes, and needed interactions with others.  

Themes from the TWG teams included concepts of eco-design and sustainability throughout manufacturing; ubiquitous sensors and impact to electronic manufacturing in general; thermal management challenges; simulation and modeling use cases to inform the roadmap; the maturing of flexible hybrid electronics; data analytics and security; the changing landscape of packaging; the ecosystem of the semiconductor driver set to include systems as well as devices; the challenges of materials for printed circuit boards; and how pervasive information management has become a solution set in manufacturing.

Smart manufacturing was officially launched as a new TWG for the 2019 effort during the meeting.  Each team was asked to provide a graphic of information that flows to and from their team with the other PEGs and TWGs as a start to understand the roadmap as an integrated and multi-dimensional effort. Support from the iNEMI roadmap office includes providing a space to share files easily throughout the process and exploring the best way to present the roadmap information (archival/searchable).

Be a Part of the Effort - Team Ramp-Up Underway
All PEG and TWG teams are now starting their work to update product parameters for their PEGs or preparing TWG plans for updating roadmaps for the 2019 Roadmap cycle. We are searching for people to lead the following teams:

1. Consumer & Office PEG (Chair & Co-Chair)
2. Portable & Wireless PEG (Chair & Co-Chair)
3. Automotive PEG (Chair & Co-Chair)
4. IoT PEG (Chair)
5. RF Components & Subsystems TWG (Chair & Co-Chair)

If you’re interested in getting involved in a PEG or TWG — either as a chair/co-chair or as a contributor — please contact me, Linda Wilson. Remember — PEG and TWG teams include all industry participants; iNEMI membership is not required. See a list of current PEGs and TWGs, as well as the roles and requirements for roadmap team participants.
PEG Progress Report is in April
Our next date to target will be a PEG progress check in April, once the PEG teams have had a chance to digest the Prismark report findings. This virtual meeting will be a set of webinars to share progress to date with the Technical Committee and the other PEGs.  We’ll announce the date of this Technical Committee/PEG chapter review meeting soon.
Roadmap workshop/North America (May 29; details to be confirmed)
Roadmap workshop/Europe (June 7; webinar)
Roadmap workshop/Asia (June 13; webinar)
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