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Roadmap Newsletter
November 2017

“Welcome back” to those who have contributed to developing this important set of guidelines for the electronics industry. Secondly, “Hello!” to those thinking about becoming a part of a roadmap team. I encourage you in particular to consider being on one of our PEG or TWG teams this cycle. I know you will see that your time is well spent! Future applications for electronics bring both tremendous innovations and challenges that beg for guidance. Working on the iNEMI roadmap and being on the “ground floor” guiding that information is an exciting place to be as we determine the next set of solutions.

Linda Wilson, iNEMI Roadmap Manager

We are completing the 2017 Roadmap cycle this month with the publication of the Research Priorities. The iNEMI Research Committee (a subcommittee of the TC) uses the strategic gaps defined in the roadmap and the iNEMI Technical Plan (now available to iNEMI members) to develop the iNEMI Research Priorities, a document provided to industry, government and academia to help focus research resources on the critical gaps. Watch the iNEMI website for this document. 
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Get Involved

The roadmap is developed by volunteers from the electronics manufacturing industry, both iNEMI members as well as non-members. Roadmap contributors are organized into 28 groups, representing the individual roadmap chapters: seven Product Emulator Groups (PEGs), which cover product sectors, and 21 Technology Working Groups (TWGs), which cover technology and business/infrastructure areas. The iNEMI Technical Committee (TC) has confirmed that — for 2019 — we are starting with the same PEG and TWG chapters as last cycle, subject to change depending upon staffing issues with volunteers. See list of PEGs and TWGs

PEG activities kicked off last month. We are currently looking for chairs and co-chairs for the following PEGs and TWGs:

  1. Consumer/Office Systems PEG (chair & co-chair)
  2. Portable/Wireless PEG (chair & co-chair)
  3. Automotive PEG (chair & co-chair)
  4. IoT/Wearables PEG (chair)
  5. RF Components & Subsystems TWG (chair & co-chair)

One important perk of serving as a chair or co-chair is a free copy of the entire 2019 iNEMI Roadmap (which sells for $3,500), as well as early insight throughout the process of developing the latest roadmap. PEG and TWG contributors receive a copy of the chapter they help develop (sold for $500).

If you’re interested in getting involved in a PEG or TWG — either as a chair/co-chair or as a contributor — please contact Linda Wilson or Chuck Richardson. Learn more about the roles of each group, including an estimate of how much time is involved.  

PEG Efforts Kicked Off
The PEG and TWG chairs have discussed emulator spreadsheet updates. This work is especially important to the new TWGs as they require related key attributes from each of the PEGs for this cycle. No major changes have been suggested for the emulator spreadsheet, but we continue to accept input.

The PEG kick-off, held October 19, reviewed PEG input for the 2019 Roadmap cycle and helped the PEG chairs focus their chapters. The session was recorded and is available to TC members and PEG chairs. New PEG chairs will also be provided this information when they come on board.
TWG Kick-Off Scheduled at APEX (February 25 & 26; San Diego, California)
We’ll hold the TWG Kick-Off and PEG Workshop at IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego this coming February. We’ve scheduled a half-day session for the afternoon of Sunday, February 25, and a full day on Monday, February 26. If you’re planning to attend APEX 2018, be sure to schedule your travel to take advantage of this opportunity for a face-to-face meeting. These working sessions are useful for both the TWGs and PEGs, and the teams usually get a lot of work done toward mapping out their respective chapters. Meetings will be held at the convention center. Watch the iNEMI website for more details.
TWG chair organizing teleconference (January 8)
TWG Kick-Off & PEG Workshop at APEX (February 25 & 26; San Diego, California)
Roadmap workshop/US at ECTC (May 28; San Diego, California)
Roadmap workshop/Europe (June 7; webinar)
Roadmap workshop/Asia (June 13; webinar)
iNEMI Sustainability Roadmap and Environmental Projects, presented by Bill Bader, IEEE SusTech 2017 (November 13, 2017; Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
2017 iNEMI Selected Roadmap Highlights Impacting Board Assembly Over the Next 5-10 Years, presented by Paul Wang, SMTA Ohio Chapter Meeting (November 10, 2017)
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