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October 2017

Welcome to the 2019 Roadmap Cycle

Welcome to the first newsletter of the 2019 iNEMI Roadmap cycle. This and subsequent monthly newsletters will be dedicated to keeping you informed about the progress of the 2019 iNEMI Roadmap. Please pass this newsletter on to anyone within your technical network who might be interested in participating.

As a reminder, and to inform new recipients, my name is Chuck Richardson, iNEMI’s Director of Roadmapping. I have been responsible for staff support of the roadmap effort for the past eight cycles. I am formally retiring from the roadmap staff responsibility this cycle as I support and help transfer roadmap staff support duties to my highly qualified and experienced replacement, Linda Wilson.

Linda_Wilson.jpgMany of you may have crossed paths or worked with Linda during her 20+ years of facilitating the ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors). Additionally, Linda successfully led an initiative to produce the CIGS (copper indium gallium di-selenide) Photovoltaic Roadmap, working with the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium (PVMC) and industry leaders. She most recently served as the program manager and team facilitator for a new roadmap initiative with BioPhorum Operations Group, a bio-pharmaceutical consortium, and serves as roadmap consultant for the IEEE roadmap initiatives for the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS), and the 5G and Beyond roadmap efforts. We welcome Linda’s leadership in this area as we begin ramping up for the 2019 roadmap cycle.

PEG & TWG Chapters

The roadmap is developed by volunteers from the industry (iNEMI members and non-members) who form groups to develop chapters for seven Product Emulator Groups (PEGs), which cover product sectors, and 21 Technology Working Groups (TWGs), which cover technology and business/infrastructure areas.

We are starting with the same PEG and TWG chapters as last cycle, but that is subject to change, depending on the results from the Technical Committee (TC) review and staffing issues of volunteers.

2019 iNEMI Roadmap Product Emulator Groups (PEGs)

1.  Aerospace & Defense
2.  Automotive
3.  Consumer & Office Systems
4.  High-End Systems 
5.  Internet of Things (IoT) / Wearables
6.  Medical
7.  Portable & Wireless

The PEGs define OEM requirements for their respective product sectors, anticipating product technology and business-related needs over a 10-year horizon. These needs are presented in each PEG chapter, using key attribute spreadsheets and text according to templates that are furnished by the iNEMI Technical Committee (TC). Each PEG has a Chair or Co-chairs and as many group members as needed for a broad-based view of that emulator’s scope (usually 2-5 individuals). PEG Chairs are expected to attend two to three meetings during the 2017/2018 calendar years, but most of each group’s work is done virtually, by telephone and over the web.

The TWGs use the OEM requirements detailed in the seven PEG chapters (as applicable) to prepare each of their roadmap chapters, detailing where their respective technology stands today — and is expected to progress over the next 10 years — with respect to the stated needs. Other than the TWG Chairs, who are expected to attend a maximum of three meetings, no travel is required to participate in a TWG, and this activity requires only as many hours as you want to dedicate to it, depending upon how involved you wish to be.

Preliminary 2019 iNEMI Roadmap Technology Working Groups (TWGs)

1.  Board Assembly
2.  Ceramic Substrates & Photovoltaic Technology
3.  Electronic Connectors
4.  Energy Storage 
5.  Final Assembly
6.  Flexible Hybrid Electronics
7.  Information Management
8.  Interconnect PCB – Organic
9.  Mass Data Storage
10. MEMS/Sensors
11. Modeling, Simulation & Design Tools
12. Optoelectronics
13. Packaging & Component Substrates
14. Passive Components
15. Power Conversion Electronics
16. RF Components & Subsystems
17. Semiconductor Technology
18. Solid State Illumination
19. Sustainable Electronics
20. Test, Inspection & Measurement
21. Thermal Management 

Recent Activity

2017 iNEMI Technical Plan and Research Priorities Scheduled for Publication

We are completing the 2017 Roadmap cycle with the publication of the 2017 iNEMI Technical Plan (now available to members online) and the Research Priorities document (scheduled for release in late October/early November). These documents capture the gaps identified in the roadmap and — after analyzing the nature of the gaps and categorizing them as tactical and/or strategic — the iNEMI staff, TIGs (Technology Integration Groups) and TC members put together a five-year plan for internal iNEMI projects to address the top tactical gaps.

The iNEMI Research Committee (a subcommittee of the Technical Committee) uses the strategic gaps defined in the roadmap and the iNEMI Technical Plan (as well as information from various iNEMI sponsored workshops) to develop the iNEMI Research Priorities, a document that is provided to industry, government and academia to help focus research resources on the identified gaps. 

Work Started on the 2019 Roadmap 

Work has begun on the 2019 Roadmap. We have developed a schedule for TC approval, started arranging the PEG kick-off meetings, and are recruiting PEG and TWG leaders as needed. The preliminary schedule for this roadmap cycle is provided at the end of the newsletter for your information and easy printing. In response to the debriefing sessions following the last cycle, we kept the schedule close to the 2017 version to reduce the impact of vacations on the TWGs’ schedules for completion. You will notice that we have minimized travel by using WebEx for most meetings and scheduled any face-to-face meetings in conjunction with other popular industry venues and meetings that may allow participants to justify their travel plans around both.

Roadmap Leadership

We have begun actively recruiting PEG and TWG Chairs, so please contact Chuck Richardson or Linda Wilson if you are interested in leading one of the listed PEGs or TWGs. We will continually list each of the most critical openings in subsequent newsletters but all of the chapters would be grateful for added leadership help. Newly confirmed leadership for the 2019 iNEMI Roadmap will also be listed in future newsletters.

We are requesting applicants for the following chapters that currently new leadership: 

1. Consumer/Office PEG (Chair & Co-chair)
2. Portable/Wireless PEG (Chair & Co-chair)
3. Automotive PEG (Chair & Co-chair)
3. RF Components & Subsystems TWG (Chair & Co-chair)

Roadmap Coordination Meetings

During the past year, Chuck was involved in a series of iNEMI/IRDS/HIR (International Roadmap for Devices & Systems; Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap) collaboration meetings. Discussions at these meetings focused on alignment of the three roadmaps for the 2018/2019 cycle. Bill Bottoms and William Chen have agreed to chair the iNEMI Packaging and Components Substrates TWG as well as the HIR for this cycle. Paolo Gargini (IRDS) has agreed to chair the Semiconductor Chapter this cycle as well. 

Upcoming Events

Emulator Working Meeting (October 17, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. CDT, WebEx)

Several PEG and TWG Chairs suggested we hold a working meeting to begin updating emulator spreadsheets leading into the 2019 iNEMI Roadmap emulator kick-off with the Technical Committee on October 19. We have, therefore, planned an online working session to give PEG and TWG Chairs a chance to discuss emulator spreadsheet updates. This work will be especially important to the new TWGs as they require related key attributes from each of the PEGs for this cycle. This meeting is also important for letting PEGs know what key attributes are needed for them to address in their chapters, so please let others in your chapter groups know of the invitation. All TWG and PEG Chairs should have received a formal invitation and a revised key attributes spreadsheet. If you are a Chair and did not receive this information, please contact Chuck Richardson or Linda WilsonSuggested changes can be emailed ahead of the meeting date, especially if you are unable to attend the meeting.

PEG Kick-Off (October 19, 10:00 a.m. — 12:15 p.m. CDT, WebEx)

The Product Emulator Group kick-off meeting with the iNEMI Technical Committee is scheduled for this week. The main item of business at the meeting will be to review the status of the PEG input for the 2019 Roadmap cycle. The format is to have a 15-minute presentation by each PEG Chair including questions and comments from the TC. The assigned TC discussion leader should review his/her respective PEG’s material and presentation prior to the meeting. We have provided presentation templates for use by the PEG Chairs and TC members so that the presentations can be consistent. See agenda.

Get Involved

If you have been thinking about serving the industry as a roadmap PEG or TWG Chair, please contact Chuck Richardson or Linda Wilson and we will work with you to decide if this is the cycle to get involved. iNEMI membership is not required to participate in roadmap development. In fact, the more diversified the representatives working on the roadmap, the broader the reach and the more valuable to the industry. With the wide range of technology categories, it should be easy to find one that stirs your interest and calls you to participate.

The iNEMI Roadmap has become recognized as an important tool for defining the “state of the art” in the electronics industry as well as identifying emerging and disruptive technologies. It also includes keys to developing future iNEMI projects and setting industry R&D priorities over the next 10 years.

With the “globalization” of the iNEMI Roadmap, each “edition” of the roadmap should become even more important as a tool for identifying technology gaps and possible solutions for an increasingly global industry. One important perk of serving as a Chair is a free copy of the entire 2019 iNEMI Roadmap. If you would like to be involved with the 2019 Roadmap team, or be added to the mailing list of this monthly newsletter, please contact Chuck Richardson or Linda Wilson.

2019 Proposed Preliminary Roadmap Schedule


Q3 2017

Recruit product sector champions and teams, and refine data charts
Begin publication of 2019 Roadmap Newsletter
Distribute 2017 PEG chapters
4Q 2017 Product sector champions develop emulators
Sept 18 Roadmap Highlights Presentation, SMTA International
Oct 12 Teleconference with PEG Chairs
Oct 17 TWG/PEG Chairs meet to via WebEx to discuss key attributes
Oct 19 Roadmap PEG kick-off with PEG/TC WebEx


Jan 3     Email Word version of 2017 TWG chapters and Executive Summary to each TWG Chair 
Jan 8   Organizing teleconference with TWG Chairs (offer TWG meeting rooms at TWG kick-off)
PEG workshop/TWG kick-off (Location TBD)
• Product sector tables completed – draft PEG chapters
• Cross-cut issues are initially addressed
TC/PEG chapter review meeting (WebEx)
May 22      Telecon with TWG Chairs
May 28 Open Roadmap Workshop in US (ECTC)
7 & 13
Open Roadmap Workshops/Webinars in Europe and Asia
July 20 TWG drafts due for TC review
Aug 23 TC face-to-face review with TWG Chairs at TBD
Sept 24 Final roadmap chapters due
iNEMI Council of Members review of key issues and preliminary 2019 Roadmap highlights (at SMTAI)
Octxxxx Edit, prepare Appendices A-D, Executive Summary
Nov Go to press
Dec Ship to members


1Q 2019 Roadmap goes on sale to industry
  Schedule industry webinars