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About the 2019 Roadmap

The iNEMI roadmap is a global collaborative effort that involves many individuals who are leading experts in their respective fields and represent many perspectives on the electronics manufacturing supply chain.  For the 2017 Roadmap, more than 500 individuals from at least 22 countries, and representing more than 350 corporations, consortia, government agencies and universities were involved. 

The roadmap’s usefulness reaches far beyond iNEMI and our members. It is recognized as an important tool for defining the “state of the art” in the electronics industry as well as identifying emerging and disruptive technologies. It is used by industry, government funding agencies and university research programs to help prioritize R&D efforts for the greatest return on investment. 

iNEMI membership is not required to be involved with the roadmap. In fact, the more diversified the representatives working on the roadmap, the broader the reach and the more valuable to the industry. iNEMI solicits input from industry experts representing all aspects of the global electronics manufacturing supply chain. 

Efforts are organized into Product Emulator Groups (PEGs) and Technology Working Groups (TWGs), as listed below. Download a description of what each chapter covers.

Marie Cole explains how the iNEMI Roadmap gives IBM insight into environmental sustainability so that new materials and processes can be developed. It also allows them to get involved in defining anticipated technical requirements for high-end systems.

Raiyo Aspandiar discusses how the iNEMI Roadmap helps Intel look at new technologies "coming down the pipe" and compare that information with their own product roadmaps. He gives examples relating to low-temperature solder and packaging.

Product Emulator Group (PEG) Chapters

The PEGs define OEM requirements for specific product sectors, anticipating product technology and business-related needs over a 10-year horizon. These needs are presented in each PEG chapter using key attribute spreadsheets and text according to templates that are furnished by the iNEMI Technical Committee (TC). Each PEG has a Chair and/or Co-Chairs from a major OEM in the specific sector covered and as many group members as needed for a broad-based view of that emulator’s scope (usually 2-5 individuals).

The 2019 Roadmap will contain five PEG chapters:
- Aerospace & Defense
- Automotive
- High-End Systems (servers, computing, netcom — 
- Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
- Medical

Technology Working Group (TWG) Chapters

The TWGs identify trends for numerous technology and infrastructure areas and contrast those trends with anticipated product needs as defined in the PEG chapters. Composed of experts from OEMs, EMS providers, suppliers, government agencies, universities and related consortia/trade associations, each TWG chapter provides details of where their respective technology stands today — and is expected to progress over the next 10 years — with respect to the stated needs. These chapters predict the evolution of technology and/or business practices, identify gaps and “showstoppers” in existing technology and infrastructure, and develop recommendations for their respective areas. The 16 TWGs for 2019 are:

- Board Assembly
- Ceramic Interconnect & Photovoltaics
- Connectors
- Flexible Hybrid Electronics
- Organic PCB
- Mass Data Storage
- MEMS & Sensors
- Modeling, Simulation & Design Tools
- Optoelectronics
- Packaging & Component Substrates
- Passive Components
- Power Conversion Electronics
- Semiconductor Technology
- Smart Manufacturing*
- Sustainable Electronics
- Thermal Management 

 * new for 2019

Opportunities for Feedback

iNEMI members: if you were unable to attend any of the regional roadmap webinars that reviewed work in progress on the 2019 Roadmap and would like to review the materials from those meetings, presentations and links to the webinar recordings are available online. Click here to access (requires member log-in). 


Participation Requirements

Serving as a Chair or Co-Chair offers several benefits, including:
  •  An early look at the results of the 2019 Roadmap as it is being finalized.
  •  A free copy of the entire iNEMI 2019 Roadmap ($3,500 value).
  •  Experience leading an international group of contributors plus building a network of valuable contacts.
  •  The opportunity to help drive the industry over the 10-year horizon of the iNEMI Roadmap and ensure your company’s needs are represented.

Chapter contributors gain in-depth insights into their subject matter by being involved in development of their respective chapters. Chapter contributors will receive a copy of the chapter they worked on ($500 value).

Most PEG and TWG meetings are conducted over the phone or Internet, minimizing the need for travel. Face-to-face meetings are scheduled in conjunction with major industry conferences and meetings, allowing participants to justify their travel plans around both.

Conference calls for all chapter groups are typically 1-2 times per month for 1-2 hours. At the end of the cycle (last few weeks), groups may meet more frequently as the chapter is assembled.

Primary Chair and Co-Chair Roles

  •  Lead working group team of subject matter experts during team calls
  •  Present team updates during roadmap workshops and webinars
  •  Interface directly with Roadmap Manager
  •  Serve as team editor to collect content for the group’s chapter 
  •  Serve as consultant for information and content for the Roadmap Executive Summary 

PEG Activities

  •  Timeframe: PEG roadmap development cycle is October 2017–May 2018
  •  Face-to-face meetings: 2-3
  •  Virtual progress check workshops: 2-3

Download detailed description and schedule.

TWG Activities

  •  Timeframe: TWG roadmap development cycle is February–September 2018
  •  Face-to-face meetings: 2-3
  •  Virtual progress check workshops: 2-3

Download detailed description and schedule.

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