2023 Tech Topic Webinars

Click on the webinar titles below to download a PDF of the presentations, which (in most cases) include a link to the recorded webinar.


Advanced Packaging Series

(All of the following presentations are for iNEMI members only and require log-in, unless otherwise noted.)

  • Evolution of Power Packaging: Assembly and Thermal Interface Materials, Andy Mackie, PhD (Indium Corporation), March 28, 2023       Presentation          Recording 

Counterfeit Components Series

  • Counterfeit Components #2: Counterfeit Management and Best Practices (November 7, 2023)
    • Counterfeit Avoidance and Detection: An Overview of SAE Standards, Michael Azarian, PhD (CALCE, University of Maryland)
    • Counterfeit Reporting Trends 2022, Richard Smith (ERAI)
    • Counterfeit Materials vs. Sustainable Business Models, Michael Ford (Aegis Software)
  • Counterfeit Components #3: Emerging Trends in Counterfeit Detection and Mitigation  (December 7, 2023)    
    • Understanding Counterfeit Electronics Detection and Mitigation, Navid Asadi (University of Florida)
    • iNEMI Roadmap: Data for Material Handling and Conversion, Francis Mullany, PhD (iNEMI)  
    • Results of iNEMI survey regarding industry experiences with counterfeit components and strategies used to mitigate risk, Paul Hale (NIST), Ben German (Intel Corporation) and Mark Schaffer, moderator (iNEMI)

Low-Temperature Solder Series

Smart Manufacturing Series


Sustainable Electronics Technology Integration Group (TIG) Series