iNEMI presentations at APEX 2013

Highlights of iNEMI Technology Roadmaps, presented by Chuck Richardson (iNEMI) (February 21, 2013; San Diego, California)

iNEMI Sustainability Forum, presented by iNEMI and some iNEMI members (February 21, 2013; San Diego, California):

BFR-Free High-Reliability PCB Project Results
Stephen Tisdale, Intel; Gary Long, Intel

PVC Alternatives Project Results
Project Chair: Scott O'Connell, Dell
Presenter: Jim Arnold, iNEMI

Eco-Impact Evaluator for ICT Equipment, Phase 2 (LCA Estimator Tool Development) Project results
Project Chair: Tom Okrasinski, Alcatel-Lucent; John Malian, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Presenter: Haley Fu, iNEMI

Future Initiatives - iNEMI Forum at “Electronics Goes Green”

Bob Pfahl, iNEMI