iNEMI Interviews at APEX 2018

San Diego, California
February 2018

SCOOP TV with Philip Stoten

  • Marc Benowitz, CEO, talks about his new role with iNEMI and about the value of industry collaboration, the iNEMI roadmap and smart manufacturing
  • Grace O’Malley, Vice President of Global Operations, talks about upcoming iNEMI events and our collaboration with other industry organizations
  • Haley Fu, Managing Director of Asia Pacific, talks about iNEMI projects — how topics are identified and new initiatives are formed
  • Linda Wilson, Roadmap Manager, talks about the 2019 Roadmap
  • Scoop Studio Roundtable: Digital Building Blocks with Marc Benowitz (iNEMI), Dan Gamota (Jabil) and Ayo Kajopaiye (SEMI)

Global SMT TV with Trevor Galbraith
Live@APEX 2018 — Wednesday, February 28, 2018

  • Marc Benowitz, iNEMI CEO, talks with Trevor Galbraith about plans and goals for iNEMI, including projects, the roadmap and smart manufacturing.  (Interview starts at 7:38.)