Conformal Coating Evaluation for Improved Environmental Protection, Phase 2

Statement of Work & Project Statement


Conformal coatings are used to protect printed circuit boards and components mounted on them from the deleterious effects of moisture, particulate matter and corrosive gases. Phase 1 of the Conformal Coating Evaluation for Improved Environmental Protection project developed a quick and effective conformal coating test that can be used to test coatings in a shorter time than present methods employed in the industry, resulting in cost savings and faster product introduction. The project team developed a test coupon and a test procedure that is capable of testing conformal coatings in less than a week. In that phase the iNEMI flowers of sulfur (FoS) chamber was used to provide the controlled corrosive test environment. 

Phase 2 Focus

In Phase 2, the team will compare the performance of conformal coatings exposed to the FoS environment to those exposed to a mixed flowing gas (MFG) environment. This comparison is important because, while the FoS environmental chamber is inexpensive, it consists simply of sulfur vapors in humid air, the MFG environment is more complex and well established in the industry for testing electronic hardware for susceptibility to atmospheric corrosion. The test method will be further refined to demonstrate its applicability and establish it as an industry standard for evaluating and qualifying conformal coatings.




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