High Density Interconnect Socket Warpage Prediction and Characterization, Phase 1
Section: Board Assembly

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Project Leader

Chair: Renn Chan Ooi, Intel Corporation


2023 Project Leadership Award

Congratulations to the High Density Interconnect Socket Warpage Prediction and Characterization, Phase 1 project team for receiving a 2023 iNEMI Project Leadership Award. These awards recognize projects that have demonstrated superior performance of electronics manufacturing practices, provided solutions that enable significant technology and business results and/or had a positive impact on the electronics manufacturing value chain and its ecosystem. The project team members are:

  • Renn Chan Ooi, Intel (Project Leader)
  • Allen Cheng, FIT
  • Ethan Chiu, Moldex3D
  • Stephen Chiu, Lotes
  • Franco Costa, Autodesk
  • Ryan Curry, Akrometrix
  • Darwin Fan, Celanese
  • Andrew Gattuso, FIT
  • Sam Hsieh, Moldex3D
  • Currey Hsieh, Lotes
  • Wei Keat Loh, Intel
  • John Thompson, Amphenol
  • Jefferey Toran, Amphenol 
  • Pierre-Louis Toussaint, Insidix

Statement of Work & Project Statement



In electronics products, many types of socket connectors are application specific. Today’s high speed, solder array-based socket connectors are complex components. High density interconnect sockets are growing in dimension due to the increased pin counts in flip chip land grid array (FCLGA) products such as CPUs and GPUs. Any warpage across the sockets adds even more challenges to the SMT assembly processes in terms of yield and performance, as well as rework. There are not many studies published on the socket warpage issue. Dynamic warpage measurement techniques are available but are challenging for sockets due to the increased complexity and variety of design and form factor of sockets, especially under reflow temperature profiles. 


This project, which is part of the Warpage Characterization and Management Program, will investigate the warpage of high-density large size array sockets and the impact of socket design and fabrication process on warpage.  In particular, the project aims to: 

  • Develop socket warpage measurement metrology and prediction methods
  • Determine the impact of molding and design on large size socket warpage
  • Investigate mitigation approaches for improved SMT performance





Haley Fu (haley.fu@inemi.org)