Ultra Low Loss Laminate/PCB for High Reliability and Performance Project
Section: Board Assembly

End-of-Project Webinar

  • Presentation (March 7/8, 2017)
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Statement of Work and Project Statement

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This initiative was proposed from iNEMI members and was selected to move forward based on our industrial survey. At the iNEMI PCB/Laminate workshop held in October 2013 in Taiwan, the needs and expectations to this initiative were confirmed and discussed. This initiative is going to address key technology challenges and measurement capabilities needed to deliver ultra-low loss high reliability PCB laminate and board performance. Currently there are very limited options for low cost high performance PCB materials capable of high volume manufacturing (HVM) processing. High Layer Count/Multi-layer Constructions are becoming more and more complex with fewer material options. This initiative wants to close the major gaps and evaluate new materials based on electrical and thermo-mechanical capabilities for high layer count/multi-layer applications.

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Masahiro Tsuriya