PCBA Reliability Qualification Project
Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Section: Board Assembly

Project Leaders

Project Leader: Thomas Homorodi (Dell) Co-Project Leader: Aamir Kazi (Dell)

End-of-Project Webinar

  • Presentation: end-of-project webinar (February 27 & 28, 2014)

Statement of Work & Project Statement


Reliability is a key customer and market concern in computing products, especially in the enterprise space.  In some cases, new technologies, materials and assembly processes may be introduced and/or qualified in a matter that is inconsistent with typical OEM requirements.  There exist a variety of industry standards and procedures today to assess and test the quality and reliability of electronic soldered-assemblies (PCBAs) and due to this variety, any given CM/EM/OEM manufacturer's product reliability qualification methodology and results are not easily correlated with their peers' results and with OEM expectations.  To address this industry problem, the project formation team proposes a project to develop a standardized reliability qualification procedure for PCBAs intended for use in enterprise products utilizing existing industry specs for acceptability and testing.  The project serves to establish a common hardware reliability qualification process for suppliers manufacturing computing hardware (servers, storage and switches) to be deployed in offices, data centers, as well as environmentally controlled telecom data centers.

Intended Benefits of This Project

  • Level the playing field for qualification requirements.
  • Reduce ambiguity with qualification processes at CMs/EMSs to satisfy customers’ qualification demands.
  • Limit complexity of negotiating qualification requirements.
  • Reduce effort to have suppliers accept responsibility for qualification work.
  • Reduce cost for EMSs/CMs/ODMs or repeated full qual to comply with variegated demands of similar goals.
  • Allow for leveragability of previous qualification work for ceteris paribus (all other things being equal) technology.
  • Document will serve as suite baseline for existing CMs’ re-qualification efforts for new sites moves and transfers

Presentations & Reports

  • This specification provides a common minimum qualification suite, to be used across the server industry, for PCBA reliability qualification.
  • Download document:  New Technologies, Materials or Assembly Processes:  Assembly-Level Reliability Qualification for Enterprise PCBAs (January 26, 2014)


Mark Schaffer