Solder Paste Deposition
Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Section: Board Assembly

Project Leader

Shoukai Zhang (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.)

Project Statement & SOW 


iNEMI's first regional deployment project is currently being organized in China. The Solder Paste Deposition Project will investigate solutions to depositing different volumes of solder paste on the same board. As board density increases and components become smaller, fine-pitch components (which require smaller volumes of solder paste) often appear next to larger components (which require more paste) and a single-thickness stencil cannot satisfy all of the components in the same printing process. In these situations, a step stencil is the least expensive and most popular solution.  However, the challenge is in determining the proper distance between the various components because the step stencil may affect the thickness of the solder paste deposition, especially for miniature and fine-pitch components located around the step.

The Solder Paste Deposition Project:
  • Investigated the keep-out distances of step stencils and output the design rules
  • Identified new paste deposition technologies for high-density layouts
  • Compared and evaluated the feasibility of identified technologies, including the development of new manufacturing processes and equipment