Pb-Free Rework Optimization Project
Friday, February 16, 2024

Section: Board Assembly

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Project Leaders

Chair: Jasbir Bath (iNEMI Consultant) Co-chair: Craig Hamilton (Celestica)

Statement of Work and Project Statement


This project is evaluating and recommending best practices, rework equipment requirements, and procedures for best-of-breed lead-free rework processing in a manufacturing environment.

The iNEMI Lead-Free Assembly & Rework Project found a need for development of lead-free area array rework capabilities and mini-pot rework processes. With thicker boards (93 to 135mil thick), it was difficult to rework the lead-free area array packages and create adequate holefill during mini-pot rework.  Reliability testing found issues with reworked area-array and adjacent components.  There is an urgent need to better develop the lead-free rework process in terms of improved rework equipment tolerances and repeatability, and to optimize/reduce heat transfer into boards to minimize component and board temperatures. Benefits of optimizing the Pb-free rework process include:
  • Understand and improve rework equipment tolerances and repeatability to reduce component and board temperatures and help attain a robust rework process.
  • Optimize/reduce heat transfer into boards, which will reduce reliability issues.
  • Reduce component temperatures during rework (which are already at or over the limits set in the existing industry component rating standards for lead-free rework).
  • Better define and develop the mini-pot rework process so larger, thicker boards can be reworked instead of potentially scrapped.

This project is focusing on: rework repeatability, mini-pot wave rework, FCBGA/BGA socket rework, and reliability testing.


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