Board-Level Optical Interconnect Performance in Immersion-Cooled Environments
Monday, February 20, 2023

Section: Optoelectronics

Project Leader

Richard Pitwon, Resolute Photonics


Project Motivation

  • Immersion cooling is gaining strong traction as a means of disruptive thermal management in HPCs and data centers.
  • On-board optics are gaining importance through co-packaged optics and mid-board optics applications.
  • There is insufficient understanding of how optical interconnect components will perform in immersion-cooled environments.


  • To investigate and evaluate different on-board optical components and interconnect solutions in different immersion-cooled environments including single phase and dual phase.
  • To understand how design factors of interconnect components affect performance in an immersion environment.


  • Evaluate performance and properties of optical components, assemblies and interconnect immersed in variety of immersion cooled environments under realistic conditions (temperature, time, etc.). 
  • Develop an on-board optical ecosystem demonstrator that includes a comprehensive variety of different on-board/mid-board connector and cable solutions and facilitates measurement of performance during immersion.
  • Evaluate optical interconnect performance with the demonstrator immersed in typical coolants under realistic conditions.
  • Longer term — report to standards bodies (IEC, ISO, ITU)


Grace O’Malley