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Package Warpage Prediction and Characterization
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Section: Packaging TIG

Chair: Kang Eu Ong, Intel 


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The industry relies on the use of simulation tools, such as finite element model and analytical equation, to refine design options to achieve high confidence predictions. Current package warpage modeling is not adequate to satisfy the future needs of more complex and larger package constructions. Predicting package warpage is not straightforward. It requires significant consideration of properties, multi-physics and boundary conditions. The use of different simulation tools may help understand the different physics assumptions. More work is needed to derive a reliable modelling framework for the electronics industry. 


Based on the modeling framework gap analysis and simulation case study in earlier iNEMI warpage project work, the team plan to further investigate organic substrate-based packages, conducting material properties characterization, including that of the mold compound and substrate raw material, to help understand the impact of curing process on eventual package warpage. The project scope falls into two portions:

  • Characterization of the warpage of advanced packaging technologies from real samples to track the typical range of warpage and trends.
  • Package warpage prediction – establish a reliable modelling framework to optimize package warpage simulation.


This project is part of the Warpage Characterization and Management Program. Warpage is a multi-physics and holistic issue which involves materials, design and manufacturing processes. Participation of researchers and engineers from package designers and manufacturers, EDA and simulation tool providers and equipment suppliers for warpage measurement, as well as industrial organizations and academic institutes is required. We welcome participation from the industry. 
Please refer to the project SoW for more information. 

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