Moisture Induced Expansion Metrology for Packaging Polymetric Materials Project, Phase 1
Section: Packaging

Project Leaders

Ian Chin, Intel

Wei Keat Loh, Intel

Call-for-Participation Webinar

Presentation & recording from the call-for-participation webinar 
(January 17 & 18, 2022)

Statement of Work & Project Statement ‚Äč


Electronic packaging is made up of polymeric materials (dielectric, solder resist, core, mold, epoxy, etc.) that absorb moisture from the environment during substrate fabrication, packaging assembly and test processing. Absorbed moisture can cause material hygroscopic swelling and induces hygro-stress, which can lead to component warpage, delamination or popcorn failure during reflow or reliability tests.  

Knowledge of the moisture properties of polymeric materials (diffusivity, concentration, hygroscopic swelling) is critical for optimizing package material and design to minimize moisture-related failures. Hygro-swelling properties are not widely available due to a lack of measurement methods, and existing commercial measurement techniques have limited temperature capability (20-120°C).  


Project Focus

This project will provide an experiment-based assessment of metrology options for characterization of materials expansion measurement and recommend a new metrology for moisture-induced CTE that extends swelling strain measurement capabilities beyond current temperature limits. 

The ultimate goal of this iNEMI project is to give materials companies a better understanding of quantifiable material properties at higher temperatures and moisture concentrations to enable them to develop innovative new materials that minimize the risk of failure due to moisture and humidity.


Novel Method for Measuring High Temperature Hygroscopic Swelling,” Ian Chin, Intel, Session WA1-2: iNEMI Session, May 11, 2022, 2022 International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP 2022). 
NOTE: This paper received an Outstanding Technical Paper Award from the Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (JIEP) for the 2022 International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP).



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