Package Warpage Prediction and Characterization Project, Phase 6

Call-for-Participation Webinar 

Presentation from call-for-participation webinar (January 10, 2023) 

Project Statement & SOW

Statement of Work
Project Statement


This is Phase 6 of a continuous series of iNEMI projects addressing package warpage challenges. Packaging technology is aggressively evolving to meet new user demands and requirements. Understanding dynamic warpage characteristics of electronic packages is critical for seamless board assembly. iNEMI has completed five projects that have addressed warpage metrology challenges, measured and tracked recent trends in package warpage, and identified gaps in warpage simulation. 
While the previous projects have focused on organic substrate packages, Phase 6 will focus on panel level packaging with inorganic material, such as glass substrate or carrier. The project will continue to:
  • Conduct dynamic warpage characterization of the latest advanced packaging technologies from real samples to track trends and the typical range of warpage
  • Establish a reliable modelling framework to optimize package dynamic warpage simulation


Haley Fu