Unified Equipment Interaction Management
Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Section: Smart Manufacturing

Project Leader

Nital Patel, Intel

End-of-Project Webinar Presentation & Project Report 


SOW & Project Statement


Background/Problem Statement

Equipment on the factory floor is isolated from the enterprise network of manufacturing organizations for cyber-security purposes.  While this design protects external sources from accessing factory equipment, it also limits the ability to track who is interacting with the equipment internally since, typically, operators will not be logging in with enterprise credentials. 

  • Equipment access control is locally managed

  • User IDs and passwords can be shared

  • No clear traceability on who logged in and what did they change on the UI (shared credentials)

  • No way to audit who has access at what level on a given tool computer

  • Cannot enforce periodic training refresher or disable access due to role change

  • No method to hold person clearing alarms and interacting with the factory floor equipment accountable on action as it is hard to figure out who logged in or what did they changed

Proposed Focus

  • Develop a solution in which a third party authenticates access to equipment interfaces tied to enterprise credentials and access rights.
  • Have the tool report out any/all changes made by the person after they are logged on to the station controller or log it in equipment logs for later retrieval.
  • Currently there is no SEMI standard that covers solutions for tracking and logging operator interactions within factory floor equipment. Intel is proposing a pilot that can be used to document the learnings and have iNEMI influence SEMI.
  • Net outcome should be inclusion in a SEMI standard.
  • Benefits of a SEMI standard are that one does not need to develop a custom solution by equipment and/or tool suppliers, and can specify meeting the standard as a basic requirement in relevant purchase specs.


Call-for-Participation - Download the presentation (which includes link to recorded webinar)


For additional information or to get involved with this project, please contact Mark Schaffer (marks@inemi.org).