Alternative Materials Assessment
Section: Sustainable Electronics

Project Leaders

Stephen Tisdsale, Intel

Leo Kenny, Intel

Cory Robertson

End-of-Project Webinar

This project examined key existing materials assessment strategies (frameworks, methodologies and tools), for the application and effectiveness in evaluating their environmental/toxicological properties for use.  The team has taken a phased approach and conducted a focused benchmarking exercise, using several representative, industry-relevant chemical substances (Phthalates, NMP and TBBP-A), as a means of comparing a carefully selected list of assessment tools (included in the OECD toolbox), which have potential for broad use in the near future.  A gap analysis summary and comparison of key descriptors and key tool use criteria was evaluated for these representative substances, creating an important reference document that can serve to standardize and streamline the approach to alternative assessment. The intent of this study was to facilitate a more proactive, better informed decision making process, for more effective risk mitigation.  A summary of the results of our evaluation and potential next steps were provided in our end-of-project report.

Interim Report Webinar

Project Statement and Statement of Work 

Call for Participation

Project Objectives

  • Examine existing environmental/toxicology assessment tools or methodologies used for assessing alternatives in industry, NGOs, academia and governmental agencies.  Identify applicability to current and future electronic manufacturing and products.
  • Conduct limited benchmark testing utilizing a small set of materials of interest.
  • Develop a gap analysis including pros/cons of each methodology.

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