Repair and Recycling Metrics
Section: Sustainable Electronics

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Project Leaders

Project Leader:  Wayne Rifer (Green Electronics Council)
Wayne Rifer, Green Electronics Council

Project Leader:  Lisa Dender, IBM

End-of-Project Webinar & Report

Interim Report Webinar

  • Presentation, June 25, 2014 (members only; requires log-in)

Project Statement and Statement of Work

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  • Build an evaluative framework from a set of criteria and traits that need to be measured to determine true recyclability and reparability (at a minimum), and may also include, reusability and remanufacturability (4Rs)  for consumer and enterprise ICT products.
  • Conduct an assessment of whether existing practices/tools/specifications (especially IEC TR 62635) are adequate to meet the needs of industry and other stakeholders in regards to providing methodology for the quantification of the “4Rs” of electronic products, including whether the current methodologies allow adequate quantification of the economics of each of these traits.
  • Identify gaps and make recommendations for the need to develop robust methodology and tools to quantify each of the 4Rs of electronic products in enough detail to allow purchasers to compare products of the same category.  The objective is to provide a single methodology that becomes adopted industry-wide for the quantification of the 4Rs.

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