Tech Topic Series: Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy
Section: Sustainable Electronics

Project Leader

Julio Vargas, IBM

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iNEMI’s Eco-Design for Circular Electronics Economy was a series of six interactive webinars featuring experts from leading organizations that are doing innovative/beyond-compliance eco-design work. The series provided an avenue for eco-design leaders to showcase their thought processes, strategies, successes and failures. The goal was to capture the best and most innovative practices being used today and to highlight the processes these leaders follow to determine where to focus their eco-design efforts. 

Eco-Design for a Circular Electronics Economy Final Report

As a final report the iNEMI Eco-Design team put together summary videos that highlight the three key take-aways identified as common themes in the series (take action now, collaboration, innovation), and examines how they were executed by the webinar presenters. Click on the links below to access the videos.

Series Introduction

Download an introduction to the series.

Webinar Presentations

Session 1: Tuesday, May 25 

  • Pia Tanskanen, Nokia Corporate Affairs, Head of Environment
  • Mark Newton, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Samsung Electronics America
  • Webinar synopsis & recording

Session 2: Thursday, June 17 
  • Christophe Garnier, Global Environmental Standards Manager, Schneider Electric
  • Miquel Ballester, Product Management, and Thea Kleinmagd, Circular Material Chains Innovator, Fairphone
  • Webinar synopsis & recording

Session 3: Tuesday, July 27

Session 4: Thursday, September 9

  • David Schönmayr, Program Lead for Sustainability, Fronius 
  • Maxwell Giammona, Lead Scientist, heavy-metal free battery research, IBM Almaden Research Center
  • Webinar synopsis & recording

Eco-Design Series Wrap-Up Report, October 12 & 13

Session 5: Thursday, October 14

Session 6: Thursday, November 4
Conference Presentation