Eco-Impact Evaluator for ICT Equipment Project, Phase 1
Section: Sustainable Electronics

Project Leaders

Tom Okrasinski, Alcatel-Lucent

John Malian / Todd Myers, Cisco Systems

Statement of Work 

    Statement of Work (Version 3.0; June 10, 2009)

Purpose of Program

This project provides alignment with the Eco-Sustainability Summit's Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) team and their roadmap for developing a simplified tool to more easily derive key eco-environmental information for an ICT equipment / asset.  It will provide a degree of accuracy that is suited to the industry's needs for such information.  The project will provide a solution in the form of an estimator tool that will categorize targeted products / assets and a unified format of requesting LCA information from suppliers. There are clearly areas here where efficiency can be gained, e.g., with methodologies and shared information and data, without compromising any intellectual property or uniqueness in our businesses.  With an estimator tool, iNEMI member companies can demonstrate the scalable and traceable continuous improvement process related to products and the supply chain.

Background and Motivation

Providing eco-impact for ICT products is becoming a rapidly increasing requirement for placing products on the market.  As such, the benefits of an eco-environmental impact estimator will provide iNEMI members with a simplified means of evaluating such impacts, summarizing the results, communicating the information within the industry, and requests toward the supplier industry.

Project Goals

Project success includes the full development and documentation of methodology and categories needed to develop a simplified LCA tool for ICT type products.  This will include a unified data request format for the supplier industry to ensure the up-to-date status of the estimator. The project team will provide technical support within its membership in sharing knowledge, information and data collected to:

  • Develop methodology and assessment categories

  • Identify mechanism(s) for updating the methodology and/or tool as new data, products, and algorithms are developed

  • Provide support in evaluating the methodology and modules using a generic type product(s) as a pilot

  • Review and finalize methodology


Eco-Impact Evaluator for Information Communications & Technology (ICT) Equipment, Tom Okrasinski (Alcatel-Lucent), Todd Myers (Cisco), December 2008

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