Eco-Impact Estimator, Phase 4

Get involved in planning for Phase 4

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Project Focus

Join us to help finalize plans for the next phase of the Eco-Impact Estimator project. iNEMI’s Eco-Impact Estimator tool enables extremely efficient and accurate life cycle assessment for information and computer technology (ICT) components, providing a simple and straightforward approach for evaluating a product’s environmental footprint. A draft SOW has been completed for Phase 4 and will serve as a starting point for discussions.

The initial scope of work will be to further expand component modules and focus on collection of direct industry data for estimating the eco-impact of ICT products, including both greenhouse gas (GHG) and water impacts. The team will define component categories to develop while collecting data sets and improving the algorithms and methods for estimating impact.

 If you are interested in this initiative, please contact Mark Schaffer ( to be added to the calendar invitation. This meeting is open to members and non-members.


LCA Estimator Q&A

iNEMI LCA Estimator Q&A Webinar (January 17, 2023)