5G/6G mmWave Materials and Electrical Test Technology Roadmap (5G/6G MAESTRO)
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Section: 5G Electronics

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Principal Investigator

Urmi Ray, iNEMI


iNEMI Workshop: NIST 5G/6G mmWave Materials and Electrical Test Technology Roadmap


The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) has been awarded $290,865 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap Program (MFGTech). (This program is under NIST's Office of Advanced Manufacturing (OAM). iNEMI is one of seven organizations receiving MFGTech grants totaling $2.08 million to develop manufacturing technology roadmaps to strengthen U.S. innovation and productivity across entire industry sectors. See announcement

Roadmap Focus

The iNEMI team will develop a comprehensive 15-year hardware roadmap for mmWave materials characterization and testing with a focus on advancing the manufacture of leading-edge 5G and 6G products to help accelerate development of the next generation of U.S. wireless networks. The technology scope includes:
  • Characterization
  • Materials development
  • Electrical test
  • Manufacturing scale-up
  • Workforce development

Roadmap Partners

A cross-functional team or partners brings together large and small manufacturers, materials companies, university-based research institutions, and consortia to ensure that the roadmap accurately captures technology requirements over the next 15 years and reflects the views of all stakeholders. Currently, MAESTRO partners are:
  • AMD
  • Applied Materials
  • Binghamton University
  • Dell Technologies
  • Dow
  • DuPont
  • Ectron Corporation
  • Florida International University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Intel
  • International Wireless Industry Consortium (IWPC)
  • Keysight Technologies
  • LiloTree
  • Mosaic Microsystems
  • Nantero
  • Penn State University
  • TechSearch International
Having an industry-generated roadmap will enable all stakeholders, from materials suppliers to end users, to focus faster on key gaps and ensure more efficient technology deployment. As 5G moves to 6G technology it is important to address the technical gaps impeding faster and more cost-effective rollout of the next-generation cellular communication infrastructure. The goal of 5G/6G MAESTRO is to create in the U.S. a world-leading knowledge base, technical expertise and a staged approach to mmWave material selection, characterization, and test — the first necessary foundation for leading edge 5G and 6G products. It will focus on the top two gaps in 5G materials development and testing as defined in various industry reports:
  • High-speed/ultra-low loss materials – availability, testing and characterization
  • Electrical testing and standardization


This is an 18-month roadmapping project that began on May 1, 2022 and will be completed by September 30, 2023.


If you would like to get involved with the roadmap or want additional information, please contact Urmi Ray (urmi.ray@inemi.org).