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2020 First Quarter Newsletter
Saturday, January 4, 2020
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First Quarter 2020

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CEO Message

As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, the safety and well-being of our employees, member organizations, industry colleagues and their respective families remain our top priority.  We at iNEMI recognize the personal and professional impact the COVID-19 pandemic has on all of us and how significant changes are required in how we work, live and think. We are certainly living in extraordinary times. 


We want to update you on actions iNEMI has taken to protect our staff, and how we plan to proceed with business. In early March, we put restrictions in place that ban iNEMI travel for all staff. We have also temporarily closed our headquarters office in Morrisville, North Carolina USA, and the impacted staff now work from home. Both measures are being monitored continuously, and we will adjust as appropriate, with safety our priority.


iNEMI is fully operational and member projects continue. As a “virtual operation” our staff are set up for, and adept at, working remotely, so for many of us it is business as usual. We are confident in our ability to adapt to these changes as we continue to deliver the level of service you expect from us. We will continue to communicate with all of you and adjust business plans and processes as needed. As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions. 


The safety and well-being of you and your families are of the utmost importance, and we wish you all the best. Please stay safe. 


Marc Benowitz



New Members

Welcome to our newest members:



Happy milestone anniversaries to the following iNEMI members.  

5 Years

20 Years 





Grace O’Malley sat down with Joe Fjelstad (REALTIME with IPC APEX EXPO) to discuss highlights from iNEMI’s technology forum on PCB challenges, which focused on emerging applications (see related story below). They also talked about the process of roadmapping, the role of collaborative projects, and more.

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Kevin McGowan Joins iNEMI Team

Kevin McGowan has recently joined iNEMI as a new project manager. He comes to us from a 30+ year career with AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, and most recently Nokia, where he led the Global Cost of Poor Quality Program to improve product quality, operational efficiencies and end-to-end cost. He has broad experience leading corporate-wide programs, including product data management infrastructure to enable large-scale outsourced manufacturing and RoHS-compliant products. He has also contributed to the development and implementation of DFM rules, manufacturing process development for first and second level interconnect, and executed manufacturing process deployment to internal/external manufacturing sites. Kevin brings a wealth of experience in program management/electronics manufacturing and will be an asset to the iNEMI team. He is supporting our new smart manufacturing initiatives and is in our Morrisville, North Carolina USA office.


New iNEMI Initiatives Forming

iNEMI has identified several areas for new collaborative projects. The following initiatives are currently in development and are expected to hold call-for-participation webinars in the second quarter of this year.  

  • Guidelines for Materials Characterization at 5G mmWave Frequencies — 5G solutions require ultra-low loss laminate materials for electronic systems. This project will focus on characterizing these materials using specific Df/Dk measurement methodologies in the range of 30-100GHz and providing guidelines for best practices to the industry. The initiative team is currently evaluating existing test methods, including the need for golden standards for calibration, and developing a Statement of Work (SOW). For additional information about this initiative, contact Urmi Ray (  
  • Smart Manufacturing: Multi Directional Physical and Information Flow — Smart manufacturing enables a wealth of benefits to electronics manufacturing in terms of improvements to throughput, yield, quality, up time etc. Complete interconnection of the factory and broader supply chain are key enablers. This project will focus on developing guidelines and best practices to facilitate efficient and effective information flow among the elements of PCB assembly in a “typical” heterogeneous factory environment. The initiative team is currently evaluating existing standards and defining the “typical line” as they work toward developing the Statement of Work (SOW).For additional information, contact Kevin McGowan (
  • Data Destruction by Non-Physical Means for Enterprise Storage — End-of-life data security is a top priority for data center owners, and physical destruction of hard disk drives (e.g., shredding and punching) is often the choice for ensuring that data is destroyed. This limits the re-use value of HDDs and creates a low(er) value recycling stream. This iNEMI project will determine the feasibility of non-physical data destruction options that meet data center provider expectations (e.g., NIST 800-88R1, Guidelines for Media Sanitation) in order to create a higher value stream of used HDDs that can be reused. Contact Mark Schaffer (

iNEMI PCB Technology Forum at APEX Focused on
Emerging Challenges and Technology Needs

IPC APEX EXPO 2020 was a great location for iNEMI’s PCB-focused workshop. Lively panels of experts discussed many of the new applications that are demanding innovation and new developments in the PCB supply chain, and what it takes to implement those changes. The impact of 5G technology was a major focus among many of the speakers, along with the continued growth of electronics in automotive, especially with the move to electric vehicles.


Materials development was another area of focus and covered topics such as unique material sets capable of dealing with higher power and high thermal excursions while delivering high-density requirements; ultra-low loss laminates and other materials; the need for tighter impedance tolerance; and materials with good thermal and mechanical stability over frequency and temperature. Read more.

Photo from APEX Session 1 (L to R)

Tarja Rapala Virtanen (EIPC), Emma Hudson (Emma Hudson Technical Consultancy Ltd), SK Chiang (Prismark Partners), Dan Gamota (Jabil), Grace O’Malley (iNEMI)
Not shown: Juston Johno (Hitachi Chemical)


Photo from iNEMI Forum, Session 2 (L to R)

Juan Landeros (Intel), Jan Pedersen (Elmatica), Lenora Clarke (MacDermid Alpha Automotive), Ed Kelley (Isola), Sarah Czaplewski (IBM).


iNEMI Project is Analyzing Inspection Capabilities for Fine Pitch Substrates Used for Heterogeneous Integration

Electronic packaging technologies are quickly moving to adopt heterogeneous integrated solutions. However, the fine lines and spacing required to achieve the high density interconnects and high I/O bandwidths of these advanced packages often push the limits of substrate fabrication and traditional inspection and measurement capabilities.


iNEMI’s Wafer/Panel Level Fine Pitch Substrate Inspection/Metrology project has been working to assess measurement and inspection capabilities and determine industry readiness for high-volume fabrication of fine circuit pattern substrates. The recently completed Phase 2 of the project provided valuable insight  on current inspection capabilities. The team designed and fabricated glass and silicon test vehicles (TVs) with line widths of 10um, 8um, 6um, 4um, 2um, and 1um. The TVs also included design features to simulate typical manufacturing defects such as 1) line width violations, 2) spacing violations, 3) excess copper or missing copper, 4) short or open circuits and 5) cuts.


Phase 3 was recently formed and will expand the assessment to organic substrates. For additional details, contact Masahiro Tsuriya ( Read more.

Test vehicle design in one cell