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October 2020 Newsletter
Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Events and Publications

October 2020

Collaborative Projects

Project Reports

Experimental Study of Panel Level Packaging Warpage — This paper, highlighting work from iNEMI’s Wafer/Panel Level Package Flowability and Warpage project, was presented at the recent Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference (ESTC) virtual event. The project’s objective was to understand material, process and design factors that impact flowability and warpage. The ESTC paper, presented by Diane Ecoiffier (Insidix France), discussed warpage measurement challenges, the methodology used and initial studies on the effect of gravity on the warpage of different panel constructions. Measurement setups and calculation demonstrated the ability to separate out the influence of gravity through a semi-empirical approach. Numerical approaches showed the ability to predict panel warpage trends which is useful in early product and process design phases.   

Predictive Modelling for Bi-material Strip Warpage — This webinar will report updated simulation results for the Warpage Characteristics of Organic Packages project. In Phase 4 of the project, the team saw inconsistencies in the results of modeling vs. experiments for Cu/mold bi-material strip warpage. Further simulations have been conducted to study the cure shrinkage properties and post mold cure (PMC) process. The results indicate that curing has significant impact on warpage amplitude and the PMC process does not affect warpage trends. The studies also demonstrate that simulation can capture warpage at high temperatures.

Technology Integration Groups (TIGs)

Sustainable Electronics Information Session: Eco-Design and Extended Reliability — This follow-up session to iNEMI's Electronics Goes Green (EGG) 2020 workshop continued to get cross-industry input to help further define two project proposals in the areas of eco-design innovation best practices and extended reliability. For additional information or to get involved with either of the proposed projects please contact Mark Schaffer (

Packaging TIG Technical Sharing: Photonics Packaging Technology (October 27; members only) — iNEMI's Packaging Technology Integration Group (TIG) has identified advanced photonics packaging as a key area for further investigation. At the upcoming October TIG meeting, Dr. Peter O'Brien (Tyndall National Institute) will present an overview of the requirements and status of photonics packaging development, including technology trends and challenges, and discuss opportunities that would benefit from collaboration. This Technical Sharing session is open to all iNEMI members. If you want to know more about what the Packaging TIG is planning, please contact Masahiro Tsuriya ( 

Embedded Component Packaging Technology — The Packaging TIG's September meeting featured Markus Leitgeb (AT&S) who shared information about embedded components packaging technologies — i.e., embedding active and passive components in substrates. The presentation is available to members. If you'd like a copy or would like additional information — please contact Masahiro Tsuriya ( 

TIG Updates — iNEMI members — to increase your influence on prioritizing the iNEMI project portfolio, you are welcome to join the TIG meetings where potential project areas are identified and reviewed. Check out the upcoming meeting schedule. All the TIGs are presently developing plans for new projects starting in the next three to six months. See the list below for several key projects in development — all welcoming new participants. 

Call for Participation

Roadmap Activities

iNEMI Roadmap Highlights Series: IIoT (October 21) — This Product Emulator Group (PEG) webinar will present key aspects of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) infrastructure — a network connected by communications technologies that results in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze and deliver valuable new actionable insights. The presentation will include IIoT market predictions and detail the technological advancements needed, and the challenges that must be overcome, to fully realize the benefits of Industry 4.0. It will also offer recommendations for a successful conversion to Industry 4.0. in the electronics manufacturing industry. If you missed any of the previous webinars in the Roadmap Highlights series, you can access presentations on our website. 

Upcoming Papers & Presentations

Several iNEMI project teams are presenting at industry conferences this fall. Be sure to check them out if you plan to attend! 


SMTA International (virtual event)

September 28 - October 23, 2020


IMPACT-EMAP (virtual and in-person event)

October 21-23, 2020 / Taipei, Taiwan