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June 2020 Newsletter
Monday, June 1, 2020
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Events and Publications

June 2020

Annual Council of Members Meeting (members only)

Join the annual Council meeting June 8 or 9 for key consortium updates, technical planning reports from the Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) and reviews of ongoing and planned projects. For additional information


Project Activities

Call for Participation

5G/mmWave Materials Assessment and Characterization Call-for-Participation Webinar (June 4 & 5) — 5G/mmWave is presenting new challenges in terms of material testing. This new iNEMI project plans to develop guidelines/best practices for a measurement and test methodology that can be shared with industry and relevant standards organizations. Initial focus will be to benchmark current available test methods, identify gaps (if any) for extending test methods to 5G/mmWave frequencies, and develop reliable reference standard materials for set-up and calibration. 

Smart Manufacturing: Data Management Best Practices for PCB Assembly Call-for-Participation Webinar (June 18 & 19) — For electronic assembly manufacturers, digitizing the factory floor by implementing machine-to-machine as well as machine-to-host communications and closed loop feedback is a key enabler to improving assembly line efficiency and yield. This iNEMI project will develop a generic reference data architecture and best practices for a typical electronics assembly line that can be shared with industry to enable efficient implementation of smart PCB assembly as a fundamental building block for digitizing the factory floor. 

Package and High Density Interconnect Socket Call-for-Participation Webinar (June 24 & July 3) — The Warpage Characterization and Management Program has been organized to include all warpage-related iNEMI projects. Two new projects in this program are currently in the call-for-participation stage and will both be reviewed in this webinar: (1) Package Warpage Prediction and Characterization and (2) High Density Interconnect Socket Warpage Prediction and Characterization. 

Non-Physical Data Destruction for Enterprise Storage — This new project will explore the opportunity for non-physical data destruction of storage devices, thus enabling their reuse. The project is in sign-up through June 29. Get the presentation from the call-for-participation webinar (May 18 & 19). 

End-of-Project Webinars & Reports

iNEMI Survey Report: Low Temperature Solder Readiness for Volume Board Assembly — iNEMI conducted a survey in December 2019 to assess the electronics manufacturing industry’s level of awareness of low temperature solders (LTS) and its readiness for the implementation of LTS in volume manufacturing of board assemblies by market sector. Survey respondents clearly indicated the lack of readiness for LTS volume manufacturing and identified the need for coordinated efforts across the electronics ecosystem to enable LTS implementation.

Technology Integration Groups (TIGs)

Technology Integration Group (TIG) Meetings (members only) — The iNEMI TIGs play an important role in identifying key projects for collaboration. TIG participation is open to all iNEMI member organizations and is an excellent way to help ensure that new projects focus on areas that are relevant to our members’ needs. Following is list of upcoming meetings. If you are interested in getting involved, contact the iNEMI project manager listed. 

Roadmap Activities

iNEMI Roadmap Highlights Series — Upcoming Webinars

iNEMI Roadmap Highlights Series Presentations — get the latest presentations from our review of highlights from iNEMI Roadmap chapters. The most recent chapters covered are:

  • Portable & Wireless — presented by Urmi Ray (iNEMI)
  • Smart Manufacturing — presented by Ranjan Chatterjee (Cimetrix) and Dan Gamota (Jabil)
  • Board Assembly — presented by Jasbir Bath (Bath Consultancy), Raiyo Aspandiar (Intel) and Wayne Zhang (IBM)
  • Flexible Hybrid Electronics — presented by Girish Wable (Jabil)

Roadmap Article: High-End Systems Product Needs, Kartik Ananth (Intel) and Dale Becker (IBM), Printed Circuit Design & Fabrication/Circuits Assembly online, May 20, 2020. 

iNEMI / SMTA Technical Webinar Series

iNEMI/SMTA Technical Webinar Series — iNEMI is co-hosting a series of technical webinars with the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA). Two webinars are scheduled for June:

iNEMI/SMTA Technical Webinar Series Presentation — Low Temperature Solder: Enabling the Future, Kevin Byrd (Intel Corporation), iNEMI/SMTA Technical Webinar Series, Tuesday, May 19, 2020 .