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August 2022
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iNEMI is conducting a brief member survey to get feedback on how well we are supporting you and where we can do better. Please take approximately 10 minutes to help us improve our value delivery process and ensure that we develop programs that are relevant to your organization. Thank you for your inputs — we look forward to a more productive and engaging partnership going forward.

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We have a lot going on! iNEMI is an industry-led consortium of manufacturers, suppliers, industry associations and consortia, government agencies, research institutes and universities. The combined power of this global membership helps drive technology development and deployment across the global supply chain. Please fill out our “Tech Topics” form to let us know what technology areas are of interest to you so we can keep you informed and up to date on: 

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Upcoming Events

Sign-Up Deadline: Smart Manufacturing Project on Unified Equipment Interaction Methodology (sign-up deadline: September 1) — This new iNEMI project will validate the feasibility and ease of implementation of the SEMI draft standard 6926, Specification for Equipment Operator Access Management and Monitoring. The team plans to do proof-of-concept testing on the proposed standard that will govern roles, data collection and other analytics in the factory, enabling traceability of user interaction through individualized credentials. This capability will benefit integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) by reducing threat vectors and centralizing access management. OEMs will benefit from improved feedback on software functionality and more robust security for equipment, and will also have a foundation for other functions such as remote connectivity. For additional information, download the call-for-participation presentation and recording, and/or contact Mark Schaffer (

Get Involved with iNEMI’s Packaging TIG (August 24/25; members only) — iNEMI’s Packaging Technology Integration Group (TIG) is actively recruiting new members and we hope you can join us for this information/kick-off meeting on August 24/25. The TIG, comprised of iNEMI members, defines opportunities for pre-competitive collaboration to advance heterogeneous packaging technology. It identifies key technical gaps and challenges then prioritizes projects and actions for the near- and mid-term to meet the needs of iNEMI members. This kick-off meeting will feature special guest speaker Jan Vardaman, founder and president of TechSearch International. TechSearch is recognized globally for its technical and economic analysis of market and technology trends in semiconductor packaging, assembly and materials. Jan will share the latest information about advanced packaging technologies and technical challenges to give the Packaging TIG insights into potential focus areas for further exploration, helping identify priorities and topics for collaboration. For additional information contact Masahiro Tsuriya (

End-of-Project Webinar: Module with Separable Single-Mode Expanded-Beam Optical Interface for Edge-Coupled PIC Optics Project (August 31) — Expanded-beam fiber-optic connectors have been developed for fiber-to-fiber connections where they can provide relaxed alignment tolerances and reduce effects of contamination. These connectors are commercially available for multi-mode fiber but are still in development for single-mode fiber. iNEMI’s Module with Separable Single-Mode Expanded-Beam Optical Interface for Edge-Coupled PIC Optics project developed designs and processes for providing a single-mode expanded-beam connector interface on a module housing a photonic integrated circuit (PIC). In this end-of-project webinar, the project team will report performance data for the PIC modules they built and characterized. For additional information, contact Terry Smith (

Call-for-Participation Webinar: Development of an Imaging AOI + AI Ecosystem (September 1 & 2) — Join us to learn how the Development of an Imaging AOI + AI Ecosystem project can benefit your organization. This project will address the electronics manufacturing industry’s need for image libraries (data sets) to train AI models for AOI and AXI. Insufficient data can result in inaccurate AI models for image classification. Currently, EMS companies maintain their own image data and there is no collaboration model for sharing image data that balances benefits with risk mitigation. This project will focus on evaluating and establishing an acceptable architectural framework and business model for sharing of image data. Data sets can be contributed to a central data repository where data is consolidated into different categories/types. Such a repository will significantly increase the scale of image data available to provide input for AI training cycles and thus improve accuracy. For additional information, contact Mark Schaffer (

iNEMI Smart Manufacturing Series: Visual Data Enables Surgical Traceability by the Power of AI and Big Data (September 8) — Component shortages and increasing demands on the supply chain have led to a heightened risk of not only counterfeit parts but also problems with components that are out of date, in mixed lots, badly handled, tampered with or defective. The third webinar in the iNEMI Smart Manufacturing Tech Topic series (rescheduled from July 14) will feature Eyal Weiss, founder and CTO of Cybord, talking about the company’s patented deep visual inspection technology and how it can help improve electronic product reliability and material sourcing with inline AI component inspection software. For additional information, contact Mark Schaffer (

iNEMI Workshop on Microwave and Millimetre-Wave Characterization of Dielectric Sheets (September 15; Gdansk, Poland  ) — iNEMI is organizing a workshop as part of Microwave & Radar Week (MRW) 2022. The workshop will present state-of-the-art and novel achievements in microwave and millimetre-wave characterization of dielectric sheets in the 1-110 GHz range with various resonant methods. As part of the workshop, Michael Hill (Intel) will present “Overview of the iNEMI 5G/mmWave Materials Assessment and Characterization Project,” and Dr. Marzena Olszewska-Placha (QWED), the primary organizer of the workshop, will present “Material Characterisation with Split-Post Dielectric Resonators in 1-15 GHz Frequency Range.” In addition to the workshop, Michael is a keynote speaker for the MIKON Conference (also part of MRW), presenting “Correlating mmWave Permittivity Measurement Tools with an Introduction to Intel’s Metrology Capability Analysis.”

iNEMI Presentation at ECOC 2022 (September 22; Basel, Switzerland) — Kamil Gradkowski (Tyndall National Institute) will present “Demonstration of a Single-Mode Expanded-Beam Connectorized Module for Photonic Integrated Circuits” at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC). His presentation is part of the Non-Linear Devices and Packaging session on September 22 (10:45 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. CEST/Europe) and is based on the work of iNEMI’s Module with Separable Single-Mode Expanded-Beam Optical Interface for Edge-Coupled PIC Optics project. For additional information, contact Terry Smith (

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