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August 2018 Newsletter
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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August 2018
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iNEMI is offering a discount to member companies who pay their membership fees in advance.  For those on a calendar year term, pay your 2019 dues by October 31, 2018 and save; pay for both 2019 and 2020 and save even more. More information on the membership discounts is available here. For those not on a calendar year term, similar discounts are available. Please contact Linda Anderson-Jessup, iNEMI Membership Manager, if you would like to take advantage of this offer.


Session B2
September 5, 2018
4:00-5:40 p.m. MYT (Malaysia Time)
Room: Bunga Orkid 1 & 2

Four iNEMI projects are scheduled to present at a special iNEMI session at the IEMT conference:

  • Benchmarking on New Packaging Technology Qualification Methodology and Practices, Feng Xue (IBM)
  • Modeling of Molded Electronic Package Warpage Characteristic with Cure Induced Shrinkage and Viscoelasticity Properties, Wei Keat Loh (Intel)
  • Mitigating Creep Corrosion with Effective Test, Haley Fu (iNEMI)
  • Characterize and Quantify the Production Inspection Capability of AXI for HiP Defects, Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott (Keysight)

 Get additional information.

iNEMI has recognized Dr. Hongyue Jin for her contributions to our two Value Recovery from Used Hard Disk Drives projects. As a key member of these projects, her economic, logistics, and life cycle analyses opened new value recovery pathways for hard disk drives (HDDs). The statistical models she developed from HDD resale information identified trends in these used devices that enabled the project team to make decisions about the opportunities for reusing and recycling HDDs. The data she provided was key to the project's ultimate goal of showing that a circular economy for HDDs can exist and where the critical decision points are for enabling such an economy.

iNEMI leadership presented Hongyue with a Special Recognition Award at the International Symposium for Sustainable Systems and Technology (ISSST) 2018, where she presented a paper on behalf of the Value Recovery project team. (“Validation of Ostrom's Principles to Support Circular Economy in Used Electronics,” presented June 27, 2018, in Buffalo, New York.)

Hongyue graduated from Purdue University with a PhD in Industrial Engineering this past May and has joined the Department of Systems & Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona as an Assistant Professor. Her research is focused on applying techno-economic analysis, life cycle assessment, and supply chain optimization to create measurable and meaningful improvements in sustainability. We thank Hongyue for her many contributions and wish her the best in her new role.
Call for Participation Webinar: PCBA Materials for Harsh Environments, Phase 2 — September 6    
Webinar: Creep Corrosion Test Using iNEMI FoS Chamber  – September 25/26
End-of-Project Webinar: Connector Reliability Test Recommendations Project, Phase 2 – October 17 & 18
Creep Seminar (Sept 2018).png

End-of-Project Webinar: iNEMI-IPSR Board-Level Optical Interconnect Project (June 13 & 14)

Creating a Circular Economy for Hard Disk Drives - A Shared Vision, presented by Carol Handwerker (Purdue University), 22nd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference (June 18, 2018; Portland, Oregon, USA)

2017 Sustainable Electronics Roadmap, presented by Carol Handwerker (Purdue University), 22nd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference (June 18, 2018; Portland, Oregon, USA)

Validation of Ostrom's Principles to Support Circular Economy in Used Electronics, presented by Hongyue Jin (Purdue University & University of Arizona), ISSST 2018 (June 27, 2018; Buffalo, New York, USA)

Value Recovery from Hard Disk Drives, Tom Coughlin, (July 13, 2018)

Creep Corrosion Team Shares Details of Innovative Flowers-of-Sulfur Test

The iNEMI Creep Corrosion Project team has scheduled a face-to-face meeting in Taipei and two webinars to share information about the innovative flowers-of-sulfur (FoS) corrosion chamber the team has developed. This FoS chamber is inexpensive, easy to maintain and can be used for creep corrosion qualification testing of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). It has the potential to be used as a general-purpose corrosion chamber for material and technology development to mitigate corrosion failures. The project team is scheduling these meetings to increase awareness of harsh environment challenges to electronic products and corrosion related failures, to share information about the FoS test they have developed, and to encourage industry adoption of corrosion test to develop materials and technologies that can mitigate creep corrosion.

Seminar: Mitigating Creep Corrosion with Effective Test
Hosted by Lenovo Taipei Design Center
September 7, 2018 / 8:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m.
Taipei, Taiwan
Registration deadline: August 30.
(Note that seating is limited.) 
See agenda and registration.

Webinar: Creep Corrosion Test Using iNEMI FoS Chamber
September 25/26
Two sessions are scheduled. Details and registration.

iNEMI Project Partners with University of Tennessee Students

The iNEMI Reuse and Recycling Project team partnered with the University of Tennessee at Knoxville Haslam School of Business to research and develop multiple options for the reuse and recycling metric the project is developing.

The metric work was the senior project for about 120 students during the 2018 spring semester. The students were broken into 18 teams that focused on different aspects of the metric being developed:

• Material choice
• Design for liberation
• Availability of recovery* technology (AR*T)

(*Recovery means all the various Rs – recycling, reuse, remanufacturing, repair, refurbishment. It is a term the project team has created.)

The students applied agile and design thinking principles to their work, which was overseen by Dr. Randy Bradley (UTK) and Lisa Dender (IBM). The following coaches from the iNEMI project team worked with student teams to provide guidance as needed: Tom Okrasinski (Nokia), material choice; Wayne Rifer (GEC) and Mark Schaffer (iNEMI), ease of liberation; and Lisa Dender (IBM) and Cintia Gates (Microsoft), AR*T technology.

Several innovative and interesting ideas were generated by the students and have been incorporated by the iNEMI team into the draft of the Reuse and Recycling Metric they are developing, including use of the European Union’s Critical Raw Materials (CRM) values, a four-parameter ease of liberation metric with each parameter including an average of five factors, and an AR*T scoring system that incorporates an economic development index, recycling rate and infrastructure.

The iNEMI team continues to refine and develop the metric tool, combining key findings from the student work as well as the expertise from the organizations on the team.

Test TIG Schedules Call for Participation Webinar
Two Sessions Scheduled: August 21 & 22
Session 1: August 21, 11:00 a.m. EDT (U.S.)
Session 2: August 22, 9:00 a.m. CST (China)
iNEMI members only

iNEMI Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) give all iNEMI members an opportunity to influence the selection and the direction of projects in particular technology areas. The iNEMI Test TIG is planning two “call for participation” webinars to start the process of defining new collaborative test programs to address industry needs and member interests. These sessions will review and identify key gaps and challenges in the near and mid-term, with input from industry and the iNEMI Technical Plan, and will propose and prioritize candidate projects to be addressed in a cross-industry/academic collaborative approach. Additional information and registration.
New Project Will Address Reliability in Harsh Environments
Call for Participation Webinar: September 6

Ensuring reliability is especially challenging for electronic assemblies operating in harsh environments, including high and low extremes of temperature and humidity coupled with vibration.  When new materials are considered, the material suppliers must be able to test those materials against a set of standards and established tests. However, most standards are not written for harsh environment applications, and OEMs often define their own specifications for PCB assemblies.

Phase 2 of the PCBA Materials for Harsh Environments Project will build on the suite of test procedures proposed in Phase 1.  Plans are to design a common test vehicle (TV) and demonstrate that the TV, in conjunction with the suite of agreed tests, can successfully provide a first-pass verification that a particular material is worth  consideration for full OEM qualification testing.

If you are interested in this work, join us for one of the call-for-participation webinars, or contact Steve Payne.

End-of-Project Webinar – Connector Reliability Test Recommendations
Session 1: October 17, 11:00 a.m. EDT (U.S.)
Session 2: October 18, 9:00 a.m. CST (China)
iNEMI members only

The first phase of iNEMI’s Connector Reliability Test Recommendations Project reviewed current standards pertaining to connector reliability and surveyed industry to determine common metrics for connector reliability guidelines. In Phase 2, the project team defined specific test conditions to be used to evaluate the expected degradation of connectors used under different stress levels in specific application classes. This work could form the basis for standardized reliability test procedures for each application class. The project team will review Phase 2 results in this end-of-project webinar.  For additional information.
Technical Committee Review Scheduled
All iNEMI roadmap teams continue making progress toward final drafts of the Product Emulator Group (PEG) reports and the early drafts of the Technology Working Group (TWG) chapters. August is critical for receiving drafts for team reviews and soliciting advice from the iNEMI Technical Committee (TC) to meet the final draft due date of September 24.

The review process by the Technical Committee is vital, as this step includes a fresh read of the content and in time for the roadmap teams to respond to the feedback. The TC review process starts with members assigned to review a particular report, typically in their area of interest. These reviews are followed by a joint meeting with the TC and TWG teams to actively discuss the drafts.

A two-day webinar is scheduled September 5-6 with the TC and the TWG teams for TC feedback and input on the chapters they reviewed. These will be only half-day webinars in consideration of everyone’s schedules. Please note that this meeting will be open to any iNEMI members who wish to attend those sessions of interest to be part of the discussion. The program and schedule will be announced soon. Contact Linda Wilson if you are interested in participating.
A Glimpse of TWG Roadmap Updates
Environmentally Sustainable Electronics has several topic areas that are updated to a theme of the “circular economy.” The topics for this chapter are pervasive throughout the industry and are reflected in the engagement with the other working groups. The 2019 Roadmap chapter is being reorganized to include energy topics in the Sustainability sub-chapter, with Eco-design and End of Life part of the circular economy discussion.

Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) will refine chapter sections to reflect recent product opportunities (wearables, healthcare, IoT sensors, etc.) enabled by technologies alignment (printed electronic elements, flexible/stretchable substrates and thin die), and reflect market pull versus technology push. The FHE chapter will also expand the use of manufacturing and technology readiness levels (TRL and MRLs) for enabling technologies.

Board Assembly will now include test, inspection, and measurement as focus topics, previously a separate roadmap chapter. Board Assembly addresses the current state and manufacturing challenges due to increased densities (component and packaging), new materials, component warpage, and environmental and other regulatory policies. Topics for the report will also cover, for example, needs and gaps in technologies for new product introduction (NPI), assembly materials, press-fit, repair and rework, surface mount technology (SMT), wave/selective soldering, etc., as well as electrostatic discharge (ESD), chip on board, and miniaturization considerations.
Engagement with SEMI
The roadmap teams recognize that engagement with industry is critical to inform the roadmap. iNEMI and SEMI frequently work together to provide technical exchange among the manufacturers and the supply chain in looking ahead to future directions. The new Smart Manufacturing TWG has representatives from SEMI (as well as from other industry organizations) to inform and round out the subject matter expertise for this new topic area. Also, to raise awareness of and promote the Smart Manufacturing roadmap, Dan Gamota (Jabil) and Ranjan Chatterjee (Cimetrix), co-chairs of the Smart Manufacturing TWG, presented at SEMICON West.
Be a Part of the Effort: Get Involved!

If you’re interested in getting involved in a PEG or TWG — either as a chair/co-chair or as a contributor — please contact Linda Wilson.

PEG and TWG teams include all industry participants; iNEMI membership is not required. See a list of current PEGs and TWGs, as well as the roles and requirements for roadmap team participants.

IPSR-International Created

The Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR) and PhotonDelta signed a memo of understanding in June to create an international roadmap for the emerging integrated electronic photonic systems supply chain industry. IPSR International will be a consortial roadmapping organization formed by AIM Photonics Academy, the MIT Microphotonics Center, the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) and PhotonDelta. 

IPSR and PhotonDelta will combine their roadmapping activities and are targeting publication of a merged roadmap by March 2019. There are also plans to hold four international roadmap workshops:

  • Fall 2018: November 29-30, MIT Samberg Meeting Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Winter 2019: January 2019, Japan
  • Spring 2019: March 2018, California
  • Summer 2019: June 12-14, Berlin, Germany
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