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Monday, May 22, 2023
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May 2023
Welcome Ajinomoto
Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Co., Inc. (AFT), headquartered in Kawasaki, Japan, has joined iNEMI. AFT was established in 1998 as the core entity in the Ajinomoto group's fine chemicals business and initially undertook the development and commercialization of new products using intermediates in amino acid manufacturing. Ajinomoto Fine-Techno technologies can be found in a variety of products, such as precision parts for cell phones, digital cameras, computers and automobiles, and their products provide a range of functions, from serving as a substitute for solder to supporting drop impact resistance. 

Get iNEMI’s Latest Project Portfolio
Download iNEMI’s updated Project Portfolio for the latest information about iNEMI projects. The portfolio includes a one-page description of each of our 19 ongoing projects and the 21 initiatives in development. It outlines project motivation, objectives and strategy/approach along with current status and the project manager to contact for additional information or to get involved with a specific project. It serves as a quick overview of iNEMI’s collaborative activities to help you identify areas that align with your organization’s needs.
5G/6G MAESTRO Releases Technology and Market Assessment Reports
Three reports are available from the 5G/6G mmWave Materials and Electrical Test Technology Roadmap (5G/6G MAESTRO).  These reports are part of the project’s initial work to assess current market and technology capabilities. Managed by iNEMI, MAESTRO is a joint industry/academia project sponsored by the NIST Office of Advance Manufacturing’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology (MfgTech) Roadmap. The goal is to create a foundation of knowledge and expertise in mmWave material selection, characterization and test to support the development and manufacture of leading edge 5G and 6G products in the U.S. Go to the 5G/6G MAESTRO web page to request a copy of the following. 
  • System Design Analysis, Florida International University
  • Identification of Next-Generation Dielectric Materials and Testing Needs, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Market Assessment, TechSearch International, Inc.

Call-for-Participation Webinar: PCB Connector Footprint Tolerance Project (May 9 & 10) — The combination of size reduction coupled with increased bandwidth in electronic products is driving new and tighter design requirements for printed circuit board/flexible printed circuit that may exceed the capability of fabrication processes used for previous generations of I/O connector interfaces. In short, connector land pattern tolerances are driving new process requirements. An understanding of complex process interactions is necessary to identify which processes to use, conduct risk assessment, and meet product quality requirements. This new iNEMI project will define methods to help product designers working with high I/O bandwidth connector footprints use collective industry capability and capacity data to determine appropriate mitigation for the required level of quality for a given product.

iNEMI Packaging Tech Topic Series: Material Trends in Fan-out WLP and PLP (May 16) — Guest speaker Tanja Braun (Fraunhofer IZM) will talk about technical developments in fan-out wafer and panel level packaging technologies as well as the advantages and challenges of moving to large panel level manufacturing. FOWLP and PLP are gaining relevance as mass compatible advanced packaging technologies. They provide technical advantages and optimize costs for many applications and are fundamentally changing the packaging infrastructure.  
Smart Manufacturing Tech Topic Series: Using AI to Automate Electronics Inspection (May 16) — Arif Virani, Co-Founder and COO, and Bart Piwowar, Vice President for Product, at DarwinAI will talk about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate challenging and underserved areas in electronics inspection. The company is building solutions for mid-to-backend, including pre-wave solder, pre-ICT, final assembly and cosmetics inspection. This webinar will provide a quick primer on AI, including how DarwinAI is using generative AI. It will also provide a demo of their solution and present a case study, followed by Q&A and feedback.

Eco-Impact Estimator Kicks Off Planning for Phase 4 (May 10 & 24) — iNEMI’s Eco-Impact Estimator (EIE) tool enables extremely efficient and accurate life cycle assessment (LCA) for ICT components, providing a simple and straightforward approach for evaluating a product’s environmental footprint. A series of meetings are being held to define the direction for further development of this valuable tool. It is currently focused on electronics but is limited to member use and global warming potential. What do you want the next phase of the tool to be? These meetings will be used to discuss and gather input about key attributes and future use(s) for the EIE tool. We will be launching a formal project later in the year based on the feedback from these meetings. The next planning meetings will be held on Wednesdays — May 10 and May 24 — from 11:00 a.m. to noon Eastern time (U.S.) and are open to members and non-members. Please contact Mark Schaffer ( to be added to the distribution list.  

Hold the Date: iNEMI Council of Members Meeting (June 12 & 13) — Mark your calendar for the annual iNEMI Council meeting. The keynote speaker this year will be from Applied Materials, talking about their vision of next-gen interconnect roadmap and scaling, hitting on HB as the ultimate interconnect density and what standards are necessary to enable the heterogenous roadmaps. The 2023 iNEMI awards for significant individual and team contributions will also be announced at this meeting. The annual Council of Members meeting gives members the latest information about iNEMI activities, including leadership changes, updates on the iNEMI Roadmap, plus technical planning and project activities. It also provides a forum for members to give us feedback and input. There will be two sessions to accommodate all time zones. 

Smart Manufacturing Tech Topic Series: Aitomatic (June 14)  — Mark your calendars for this webinar spotlighting Aitomatic, a company that makes AI-base virtual expert applications to help industrial companies make efficient diagnoses and streamline field service while preserving their valuable domain knowledge. Two sessions are scheduled. Watch the iNEMI calendar for additional details.

Webinar Recording: iNEMI Sustainable Electronics TIG meeting (April 5, 2023): “Standards for a Circular Economy and Product Design,” KC Norris and Vincenzo Ferrero, NIST. (available to iNEMI members only)
iNEMI presentations at ICEP (April 19-22; Japan; available to members only

Session WA1: iNEMI Session / Wednesday, April 19
  • Preparing for 6G: Developing Best Practices and Standards for Industrial Measurements of Low-Loss Dielectrics, presented by Nate Orloff (NIST)
  • AOI Pattern Detection Study for Fine Pitch Advanced Substrate, presented by Feng Xue (IBM)
  • Adhesion Measurement Study for Advanced Substrate Circuitry Patterns, presented by Masahiro Tsuriya (iNEMI)
  • An In-containing Lower-Temperature Lead-Free Solder Paste for Wafer-Level Package Application that Outperforms SAC305, presented by Sze Pei Lim (Indium Corporation)

Session FE1: Solder 1 / Friday, April 21
  • Electromigration In TIn-Bismuth Planar Geometry Solder Joints, presented by Prabjit Singh (IBM)

Call-for-participation presentation: Board-Level Optical Interconnect Performance in Immersion-Cooled Environments project (April 25) 
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