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January 2017 Newsletter
Sunday, January 1, 2017
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January 2017
For iNEMI Members Only

The 2017 Roadmap is now available to iNEMI members. The majority of chapters (22 of 28) can be downloaded from the iNEMI website. The remaining six chapters are being finalized and will be added to the website as they become available. The total aggregated roadmap, executive summary and appendices will also be posted at that time.

For the first time, the roadmap is totally online and downloadable to aid in distribution, eliminating the cost of flash drives and, most importantly, make the information more accessible to members’ employees. Thus far, the system has been performing well. Please contact Dee-Dee Taylor if you are having issues.

We also encourage all members to make the roadmap available to your employees through your internal intranets (for employee use only). Simply submit a completed licensing agreement, which is free for members, and we will work with you to make it available to your employees worldwide.

A sincere “thank you” to everyone who helped put this record-breaking number of chapters together, but especially to our iNEMI member companies that supported this important endeavor.

Mining the Roadmap
The next step is to use information from the roadmap to develop the iNEMI Technical Plan for iNEMI members. This plan, which looks out five years, analyzes the challenges identified in the roadmap and proposes collaborative projects to address them.

The Technical Plan is developed by iNEMI’s seven TIGs (Technology Integration Groups), which are focused on Board Assembly, Test, PCB, Substrates, Environmental Sustainability, Optoelectronics and Medical. These groups will be working over the next six months, through WebEx meetings, to develop the plan. If you are interested in leading one of these TIGs, or participating in developing one or more of the technology plans, please contact Chuck Richardson.

The Research Priorities document, which is more strategic in nature, will also be developed from the Roadmap. This document prioritizes gaps and technical needs from the roadmap that require solutions beyond the five-year horizon of the Technical Plan. 

iNEMI Members-Only Meetings

Quarterly Member Briefing (webinar)
February 6 & 7   

iNEMI Member Meeting at APEX (San Diego, California)
February 16

Member Briefing in Japan (Kawasaki, Japan) 
February 17

iNEMI Sessions at IPC APEX
Be sure to catch our conference presentations!
February 12-16

INEMI Calendar
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Featured News & Content
First Quarter Members Briefing
Webinar February 6 & 7
Details & Registration
Join us for this quarterly members-only webinar intended to bring you up to date on the latest iNEMI activities. This webinar will review highlights of the 2017 Roadmap as well as noteworthy results from select iNEMI projects.
Member Meeting & Presentations Scheduled
Details & Registration

If you plan to attend APEX this year (February 11-16 in San Diego), be sure to join us for the iNEMI member briefing Thursday, February 16, 10:30 a.m. to noon. Also, be sure to check out these conference sessions:

  • Session S04: Corrosion / SIR Reliability I
    Tuesday, February 14, 1:30-3:00 p.m.
    “Relative Humidity Dependence of Creep Corrosion on Printed Circuit Boards,” which reports on findings from the iNEMI Creep Corrosion Project.
  • Buzz Session 8: iNEMI Roadmap Update
    Thursday, February 16, 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Member Briefing in Kawasaki, Japan
February 17, 2017 hosted by IBM
Details & Registration

A Japan member briefing is scheduled for February 17, hosted by IBM’s Tokyo Research Center in Kawasaki, Japan. This half-day, face-to-face meeting is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and share information among iNEMI members in Japan.


New Projects in Sign-Up
Connector Reliability Test Recommendations, Phase 2
Phase 2 of the Connector Reliability Test Recommendations Project continues work started in Phase 1 by further defining levels of connector stress. The team plans to map these stresses onto the tiers established in Phase 1. In addition, the group plans to define a way to verify this research with a Phase 3 test vehicle. For additional project information, including the project’s SOW and sign-up instructions, click here.
Development of Cleanliness Specification for Expanded Beam Connectors, Phase 2
This project plans to develop recommendations for visual inspection criteria for fiber optic single-mode and multi-mode connectors. Work will focus on development of a cleanliness specification for expanded beam connectors in “non-clean” data center environments. Sign-up ends January 31. For additional project information, including SOW and sign-up instructions.
Three End-of Project Webinars Scheduled
Fine Pitch Circuit Pattern Inspection & Metrology (February 20/21)

This project was organized to assess measurement and inspection capabilities for fine circuit pattern substrates used in high-bandwidth applications. Phase 1 benchmarked the metrology for fine pitch design on panel sized areas, and the results will be discussed in this end-of-project webinar, along with plans for Phase 2 activities. This meeting is open to industry. Sign up for webinar

Ultra Low Loss Laminate/PCB (March 7/8)
This initiative is addressing key technology challenges and the measurement capabilities needed to deliver ultra-low loss, high-reliability PCB laminate and board performance. 
This webinar will review Phase 1 results, including input collected through an industry survey. The team will also discuss planning for Phase 2. This is a members-only meeting. Details and registration.
High-Temperature, Pb-free Die Attach Material Project (March 22/23)
This project is focused on assessing the processability and reliability of different Pb-free materials available for power semiconductor die-attach applications on leadframe or ceramic substrates that currently use Pb-containing materials. The recently completed Phase 1 benchmarked technology, material availability and processing trends. This webinar will discuss results from that benchmarking study. This meeting is open to industry. Register now.
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