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January 2018 Newsletter
Monday, January 1, 2018
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January 2018
For iNEMI Members Only
This half-day meeting, hosted by Dow Chemical in Tokyo, is a face-to-face meeting to help strengthen relationships among the iNEMI members in Japan and share information. Get details.

Make your plans now to join us for iNEMI’s first quarter member update webinar. Topics include:

  • Special invited presentation: An Overview of Smart Manufacturing in the IoT Era — Challenges and Solutions, Glenn Farris (Universal Instruments)
  • Project update: BiSn-Based Low-Temperature Soldering Process and Reliability, Raiyo Aspandiar (Intel)
  • 2017 wrap-up and 2018 outlook
  • 2019 Roadmap development

Two sessions have been scheduled, so sign up for whichever is most convenient. Get additional details.

Meetings in Europe

iNEMI has several presentations on the agenda for the SMTA Pan Pacific Conference next month. Bill Bader (iNEMI) will participate in the Plenary Keynote Session on February 5, presenting “Selected Highlights from the 2017 iNEMI Roadmap and Key Projects to Address Identified Gaps.”

Two iNEMI project presentations are also scheduled: 1) “A Flowers of Sulfur Corrosion Chamber for Testing Electronic Hardware,” Prabjit Singh (IBM); and 2) “iNEMI Project on Process Development of BiSn-Based Low-Temperature Solder Pastes, Phase 2: Characterization of Mixed Alloy BGA Solder Joints,” Raiyo Aspandiar (Intel). Additional information.

iNEMI Regional Members Meeting in Japan – January 22 (Tokyo)
Q1 Quarterly Member Update Webinar – January 30 & 31
iNEMI presentation at EIPC 2018 Winter Conference: “Future PCB fabrication and material requirements for the global industry segments” (Session 3: Process Improvements; February 2, 9:00-9:20 a.m.), presented by Steve Payne (Lyon, France)
iNEMI presentations at Pan Pacific Conference 2018 – February 5-8 (Kohala Coast, Hawaii)

2019 iNEMI Roadmap PEG Workshop & TWG Kick-off at APEX – February 25 & 26, 2018 (San Diego, California)

2017 iNEMI Technical Plan
Presentation from End-of-Project Webinar: Qualification Test Development for Creep Corrosion, Phase 3 (December 12)

Presentation from IPSR Webinar: Grand Challenges and Key Needs for 2018 (December 21)

iNEMI Roadmap: The Diversity of High-End Systems, Dale Becker (IBM), PCD&F/CA magazines, January 2018

New Initiatives Forming

PCB/PCBA Material Characterization for Automotive Harsh Environment, Phase 2 

We are currently organizing Phase 2 of the PCB/PCBA Material Characterization for Automotive Harsh Environment project. The Phase 1 project addressed the lack of unified and accepted standards for testing PCB and PCB assembly materials with an eye toward reducing time to market for both suppliers and users qualifying products for automotive usage. The project team identified common failure mechanisms and determined how standards can relate to each, then defined a suite of tests to give a high degree of confidence in meeting OEM requirements.

Phase 2 will develop a test vehicle to evaluate each aspect of Phase 1. We are seeking further automotive industry participation. Organizational meetings for this follow-on project started January 15. Project sign-up is not required during this initial stage. If you or your colleagues have an interest in getting involved, please contact Steve Payne

PCBA Cleanliness 

When it comes to cleanliness requirements, both OEMs and EMSes are on their own – there is no industry standard for cleanliness, and some component types are more problematic to chemical contamination than other types. The objective of the project will be to predict and understand functional performance of highly dense electronics in harsh environments through measurement of electrical and chemical effects under bottom terminated components.

GE and Kyzen are leading the development of the statement of work (SOW). We are seeking additional organizations to provide input into the scope of work. Please contact Mark Schaffer if you would like more information or want to participate in the development of the SOW.

Join Us – PEG Workshop/TWG Kick-Off at APEX (February 25 & 26)

We will kick off Technology Working Group (TWG) activities with a meeting held in conjunction with APEX EXPO 2018 on Sunday, February 25 (1:30-5:00 p.m. PST) and Monday, February 26 (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST). Meetings will be held in room 5B of the San Diego Convention Center.

Day 1 will include a set of Product Emulator Group (PEG) presentations to provide information about existing and new product sector needs over the next 10 years. Day 2 will focus on TWG activities and include working break-out sessions.

WebEx access will be provided for those unable to attend in person. Please contact Linda Wilson for details.

Get additional information, including preliminary agenda and registration.

A New Topic for 2019 Roadmap: Smart Manufacturing
A new roadmap topic area — smart manufacturing — is moving closer to reality. In January, we will meet with industry experts interested in leading a team and working with other iNEMI roadmap teams to best scope the topics to be addressed in the 2019 Roadmap. Aspects of “smart” manufacturing include, for example, IoT, data management, and digital plant lifecycle management (DPLM), as well as concepts of Industry 4.0 and smart factories.

Our task will be to identify the missing attributes for smart manufacturing for a variety of items not covered by existing roadmap teams to minimize overlaps yet satisfy gaps in content with other PEGs or TWGs. Whether we form a new PEG or TWG, or combine the topic of smart manufacturing with an existing team, will be decided soon.
Be a Part of the Effort

Interested in being a roadmap PEG or TWG team member or chair? Participating in the roadmap is open to all subject matter experts that have the expertise and are willing to commit a couple of hours a month to develop content with other team members, attend our roadmap meetings and webinars, and volunteer to write or review the team reports in a few months.

See a list of current PEGs and TWGs, as well as the roles and requirements for roadmap team participants. We are actively recruiting PEG and TWG leaders for the following teams:

1. Consumer & Office Systems PEG (Chair & Co-Chair)
2. Portable & Wireless PEG (Chair & Co-Chair)
3. Automotive PEG (Chair & Co-Chair)
4. IoT & Wearables PEG (Chair)
5. RF Components & Subsystems TWG (Chair & Co-Chair)

If you’re interested in getting involved in a PEG or TWG — either as a chair/co-chair or as a contributor — please contact Linda Wilson.

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