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June 2017 Newsletter
Thursday, June 1, 2017
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June 2017
For iNEMI Members Only

iNEMI is pleased to welcome Critical Materials Institute (CMI) as a new member. Alexander King is CMI’s primary representative to iNEMI.  

The Critical Materials Institute is focused on assuring supply chains of materials critical to clean energy technologies, with the goal of enabling innovation in U.S. manufacturing and enhancing U.S. energy security. The Ames Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy leads the CMI team, which includes partners from other national laboratories, universities and industry.


In the May Board of Directors election, there were five excellent candidates from the membership for three available places.  iNEMI members re-elected two Board members — Marc Benowitz (Nokia Bell Labs) and Jean-Luc Pelissier (CBA Group/Universal Instruments). We also added a new board member — Dongkai Shangguan (Flex). Dongkai is currently Vice President for Advanced Microelectronics at Flex. Previously, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer of STATS ChipPAC and as the Founding CEO of the National Center for Advanced Packaging Co., Ltd. (NCAP China). Congratulations to all three Board members.

iNEMI is conducting an industry survey to assess current electronics industry practices for measuring polymer outgassing. Understanding the characteristics of polymer outgassing from the materials and packaging used in electronics is critical to predicting failures and potential causes of those failures. There are several techniques and metrologies to analyze outgassing. By participating in this survey, you will help us identify current practices and future direction of polymer outgassing metrology in the industry. In addition, survey results will be used to define project objectives and a work plan for the proposed iNEMI project, Next Generation of Non-Hermetic Package Reliability Metrology. If you are interested in getting involved in this project, contact Masahiro Tsuriya.

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Call for Project Participation Webinar: PCB Warpage Characterization and Minimization — June 14 & 15 

iNEMI Presentation at 2017 Joint Conference ISIE and ISSST — June 29 (Chicago, Illinois)

Q4 iNEMI Member Update Webinar — August 28 & 29

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Presentations from the Q2 iNEMI Members Webinar (May 8 & 9)

Presentations from the iNEMI session at the 2017 International Conference on Electronics Package (ICEP); Yamagata, Japan (members only — requires log-in)  

Relative Humidity Dependence of Creep Corrosion on Organic-Acid Flux Soldered Printed Circuit Boards, by the iNEMI Creep Corrosion Project team, Circuit Insight, June 2017  


Eco-Design: A 20-Year Forecast from the 2017 iNEMI Roadmap, by Pamela Gordon, Antea Group

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iNEMI-IPSR Board-Level Optical Interconnect Project

This project, which is currently in sign-up, proposes to design, assemble and test a prototype on-board fiber optic interconnection system based on silicon photonic transceiver modules, single-mode fiber cables, and expanded-beam optical connectors for the package, backplane, and front-plane interfaces. Existing technologies will be leveraged wherever possible. This project will comprise Phase 1; the second phase will investigate the use of PCB-embedded waveguides to replace fly-over fiber cables.

The scope of this project is in response to key needs identified by the Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR), developed by iNEMI and MIT, and is open to both iNEMI and IPRS members under a memorandum of understanding. For additional information.

Call for Participation
PCB Warpage Characterization & Minimization Project

Customer demands for smaller form factor electronic devices are driving the use of thinner electronic components and thinner printed circuit boards. This trend has led to warpage issues in the surface mount assembly process which, in turn, impacts PCB assembly yield. This iNEMI project will help to explore the three vectors (PCB fabrication process, PCB design and board assembly process conditions) and develop guidelines for each of these vectors to help minimize PCB warpage and improve SMT margin/yield.  Srinivas Aravamudhan (Intel) is project leader for this new effort. 

Two webinars are scheduled (June 14 and 15) to discuss the project background, scope and plan, and explain the sign-up steps to join the project. For more information.

Five of Seven TIGs Up and Running As Work on Technical Plan Progresses

Five of the seven Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) reported on their progress toward developing the iNEMI Technical Plan at the Technical Committee (TC) meeting held at ECTC on May 30 in Orlando, Florida. This meeting allowed the TIG Chairs to discuss their status, ask for feedback from the TC and request help as well.

We are still in need of leaders and participants for the remaining two important TIGs: Sustainable Electronics and Medical Electronics. If someone in your company would like to help lead and/or participate in the development of the 2017 iNEMI Technical Plan, please contact Chuck Richardson. The Technical Plan is a key element in project planning for the next two to five years, so please support this important effort.                 

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