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June 2018 Newsletter
Friday, June 1, 2018
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June 2018
For iNEMI Members Only

iNEMI would like to welcome Cimetrix Incorporated as our newest member.  The first representative is Ranjan Chatterjee; and the alternate representative is Mike Motherway.  

Cimetrix develops and supports factory automation software products for the semiconductor, electronics assembly, photovoltaic, LED, and other industries. Its factory connectivity software allows for rapid and reliable implementation of the SEMI SECS/GEM, GEM300, PV2, and EDA standards and can be found in virtually every 300mm semiconductor factory worldwide. Cimetrix' strong client service, industry and standards expertise, and worldwide presence supports companies and factories worldwide.



We also welcome Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. The first representative is Akihiko Tateno; and the alternate representative is Takashi Kubota. Sekisui Chemical Co., founded in 1947 in Japan, is a multinational corporation with three primary businesses: high-performance plastics, urban infrastructure and environmental products, plus a housing company. The company also produces large-capacity film-type lithium-ion batteries and an atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment system (a flat panel display production machine for semiconductors and LCDs using the Sekisui’s unique atmospheric pressure plasma technology).


(August 6; Tokyo)

This half-day meeting, hosted by Hitachi Chemical, gives iNEMI members the chance to strengthen relationships with other members in Japan, share information about their companies and enhance collaborative activities among members. The agenda includes a tour of Hitachi’s Innovation Center, and presentations from new iNEMI members Autodesk and Sekisui. A networking event will follow the meeting at a nearby restaurant. Click here for additional information or contact Masahiro Tsuriya ( 

IMAPS-UK Advanced Circuit Boards Workshop (Teddington, UK) – June 27
IPSR 2018 Webinar Series: Testing Photonic Devices and Products - Status, Needs and Potential Solutions – June 28
PRESENTATION: Mid-Term Project Review Webinar: Value Recovery from Used Electronics, Phase 2. This project team is using hard disk drives (HDDs) to demonstrate — both technically and economically — how the electronics manufacturing industry can move toward a circular economy. The project is developing processes to capture and reuse whole or component parts of used HDDs in new HDDs, especially rare earth magnets. The processes developed by this team could be utilized by any electronic product recovery system to implement a circular economy for its specific product(s).
ARTICLE: The March 2018 issue of Optics and Photonics News featured the article, “A Roadmap for Integrated Photonics,” by Bob Pfahl (iNEMI), Madeleine Glick (Columbia University) and Lionel Kimerling (MIT). This article describes the process used for, and results from, the Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR). It also outlines the next step of Application Interest Groups (AIGs) to close the gaps identified in the roadmap. The first AIG is the Board-Level Optical Interconnect Application Interest Group (AIG). iNEMI and IPSR have recently completed this AIG’s first project. Click here for details.
End-of-Project Webinar: Development of Cleanliness Specification for Expanded Beam Connectors Project, Phase 2
June 20 & 21
Expanded beam optical connectors use various techniques that diverge light into either a collimated or focused beam, which eliminates the need for physical contact between mating fibers. Unlike existing lensed transmitter and receiver devices and traditional MT interconnects, some expanded beam products are significantly less susceptible to the effects of contamination, promising cost savings for data center applications.

To date, no formal inspection contamination criteria have been adopted by the industry for any expanded beam connector. This webinar, which is open to industry, will review the project team’s recommendations for visual inspection criteria for expanded beam connectors with different technologies based on experimental and modeling data. More information.
IPSR Activities

Paper to be Presented in Europe
Madeleine Glick (Columbia University) will present the paper, “Transceiver Scaling and the IPSR-I Roadmap,” at the 20th Anniversary International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) 2018 (July 1-5; Bucharest, Romania). This paper, written by Dr. Glick, Bob Pfahl (iNEMI), Lionel Kimerling (MIT) and Houman Rastegarfar (University of Arizona), is part of the IPSR effort to define future needs, gaps and research directions. It explores transceiver capacity scaling technologies for data centers and high-performance computing.

2018 Webinar Series
Testing Photonic Devices and Products: Status, Needs and Potential Solutions
June 28; 11:00 a.m. EDT (North America)

This webinar will discuss the status, needs, and potential solutions for optical and electronic testing of photonic devices and products. Richard Otte (Promex Industries) and Thomas Brown (University of Rochester) will review information from the latest Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR) as well as discuss the capabilities being installed at the AIM Photonics Test, Assembly and Packaging (TAP) facility. Additional information.

Upcoming webinars:

  • 7/12: IPSR Board-Level Optical Interconnect Application Interest Group (AIG): Phase 2 project proposal, Terry Smith (3M Corporation)
  • 7/26: IPSR Board-Level Optical Interconnect AIG: Phase 1 final project report, Tom Marrapode (Molex)
PEGs Review Progress with Technical Committee Feedback; TWGs Hold Regional Webinars
The Product Emulator Groups (PEGs) reviewed their updates with the Technical Committee (TC) in May. PEG chairs presented highlights of their draft chapters to the TC, including situational analyses, product markets and trends, updates to key product attributes, and economic and technology influences in electronics manufacturing. The chairs for the Aerospace & Defense, Medical, High-End Systems, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) PEGs presented how their chapters will be updated for the 2019 Roadmap. The PEG chairs and TC also reviewed the Prismark analysis reports for the Automotive, Portable & Wireless, and Consumer & Office sectors. Key themes emerged among several of the PEGs for the need for traceability for materials, reliability, and security. Accelerating innovations such as 5G, edge, fog, and cloud computing, machine learning/AI, cognitive computing, and virtualization are drivers for many systems technologies. For medical products, updates will address neuromodulation as a rapid growth area, augmented reality as used in medical education, and robotic surgery as a new area to be covered in the 2019 Roadmap. Consumer & Office Systems PEG products are impacted by stagnant or slower cost growth; markets for entertainment products (Portable & Wireless PEG) and medical products continue to grow.

The Technology Working Groups (TWGs) held three regional webinars to encourage industry input for the development of these chapters. All chapter teams are on pace to deliver final drafts in September. Teams also recognize that engagement among their related TWGs is important to produce consistent data and narratives; several teams have already met in this fashion. If you were unable to participate in any of these webinars, click here to access the presentations plus links to the webinar recordings. (These files are set up for members only and will require log-in.) Please keep in mind that these are preliminary drafts of the 2019 Roadmap. We ask that you do not share or distribute outside your company. If you have comments or inputs to any of the chapters please contact Linda Wilson (iNEMI).
Please Join Us

Interested in being a roadmap PEG or TWG team member? You will gain immediate benefit by helping to develop projections for the industry and gaining the earliest possible insight months in advance of the roadmap release. Participating in the roadmap is open to all subject matter experts who have the expertise and are willing to commit a couple of hours a month to develop content with other team members, attend our roadmap meetings and webinars, and volunteer to write or review the team reports in a few months.

We are still looking for members in all areas but need leadership for the following:

  • PEGs: Automotive, Consumer & Office Systems, and Portable & Wireless
  • TWGS: RF Components; Final Assembly; Test, Inspection and Measurement; Energy Storage Systems; and Solid State Illumination
See a list of current PEGs and TWGs, as well as the roles and requirements for roadmap team participants. If you’re interested in joining in a PEG or TWG, please contact Linda Wilson.
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