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March 2017 Newsletter
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
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March 2017
For iNEMI Members Only

iNEMI is pleased to welcome Tin Products Manufacturing Company of YTCL (Yunnan Tin Company Limited) as a new member. The first representative is Wake Wang; and the alternate representatives are Junhu Wang and Jinmei Lu.

Yunnan Tin Company Limited (YTCL) is the world's largest producer of tin and has the biggest precious metals research and development center in China. The company, headquartered in Kunming, China, also produces and markets solder powder, solder paste, solder bar, anode tin and tin chemicals. By-product metals refined by the company include platinum group metals, copper, lead, zinc, indium and bismuth. The Tin Products Manufacturing Company is the manufacturing division of YTCL. It’s one of the major suppliers to solder materials makers. 

Nominations are now being accepted from iNEMI members for three Board of Director positions. The iNEMI Board is comprised of up to 13 voting members that serve staggered three-year terms. This year, we have three open director positions. While some of these directors may be nominated to serve again, other nominations can be put forward by member companies (one nomination per company). Note that our by-laws require a mix of firms representing various industry segments.

Serving on the Board of Directors is an opportunity for your company to help set the strategic direction of iNEMI and to significantly add to the value received from your iNEMI membership, through direct engagement in planning the focus and future of iNEMI activities and high-level networking. Please consider this opportunity seriously. It is a small investment of senior management time for a potentially large ROI.

Please provide any nominations along with a brief biography of the nominee to Bill Bader no later than April 3, 2017. 
The iNEMI Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) lead the development of the iNEMI Technical Plan, and support and drive the deployment agenda through collaborative projects. iNEMI presently has seven TIGs: Board Assembly, Sustainable Electronics, Medical Electronics, Optoelectronics, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Substrates/Packaging, and Test. These groups are looking for new members to support the 2017 Roadmap analysis and identification of potential iNEMI projects and activities. If you or your organization are interested in helping develop the technical direction of iNEMI, please consider participation. Further details are available on the website or contact Grace O’Malley (iNEMI).


Presentations from iNEMI Member Meeting in Japan

The member meeting held in Japan on February 17 featured three member presentations: 1) neuromorphic device and interconnection for cognitive computing by IBM Japan, 2) packaging technology by Shinko, and 3) next-generation die attach material technology by Alpha Assembly Solutions Japan. These, along with updates on iNEMI activities, are available online for members.

AIM Photonics Spring 2017 Meeting (March 28-29; Cambridge, Massachusetts USA) 

iNEMI Session at ICEP 2017 Conference (April 20; Yamagata, Japan)

iNEMI & CDCC Workshop: Corrosion in Data and Telecom Centers (April 24; Shanghai)
R2i-2017 Innovation Workshop
(May 18; Dublin)
Make plans to join us for the 2017 iNEMI Roadmap webinar. Two sessions are scheduled — April 6 & 7 — and will provide an overview of the latest roadmap along with highlights from a few key chapters. Registration is required
iNEMI will be involved in two important events in Asia this April — we hope to see you there:

ICEP 2017 Conference (April 20; Yamagata, Japan) — We are coordinating a conference session that will feature four iNEMI presentations.

iNEMI & CDCC Workshop: Corrosion in Data and Telecom Centers (April 24; Shanghai) — We are sponsoring a workshop with the China Data Center Committee (CDCC) to share information about the challenges of, and solutions for, creep corrosion. This workshop will be held immediately prior to the SMTA China East Conference, held in conjunction with NEPCON China (Shanghai).
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Featured News & Content

End-of-Project Webinar Presentation: Fine Pitch Circuit Pattern Inspection Metrology (February 21, 2017) 

End-of-Project Webinar Presentation: Ultra Low Loss Laminate-PCB (March 7/8)

APEX 2017 Presentations
Presentations on the 2017 Roadmap, Creep Corrosion project and from the iNEMI members meeting.

Latest Blog
What Does the Future Hold for Electronics Manufacturing?
2017 iNEMI Roadmap to be released in April; webinars scheduled
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Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap Available
The recently published 2016 Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR) is now available for download. This roadmap is a collaborative effort organized by iNEMI and the MIT Microphotonics Center, and funded by the American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics). The goal of the IPSR is to address the technology gaps and challenges that are limiting the advancement of hardware technology for integrated photonic system manufacturing.

The roadmap was developed by nine coordinated Technology Working Groups (TWGs), which are similar to existing iNEMI and Microphotonics Center TWGs; however, these TWGs differ in scope and their charters are more tightly focused. The roadmap also features six Product Emulator Groups (PEGs), similar in function to the iNEMI roadmap PEGs.
New Project Forming
Approaches to Minimize PCB Warpage in Board Assembly Process to Improve SMT Yield

Increasingly thinner boards are driving higher PCB warpage in the board assembly process, leading to lower assembly yields and higher rework for some components. This initiative will identify factors that influence PCB warpage and recommend solutions to mitigate warpage in the SMT assembly process. We encourage the participation from OEMs, EMS providers, PCB shops, SMT equipment and tooling suppliers, warpage measurement as well as simulation service providers. For additional information

End-of-Project Webinar: High Temperature, Pb-free Die Attach Material Project (March 22/23)
This project focused on assessing the processability and reliability of different Pb-free materials available for power semiconductor die-attach applications on leadframe or ceramic substrates that currently use Pb-containing materials. The recently completed Phase 1 benchmarked technology, material availability and processing trends. This webinar will discuss results from that benchmarking study. This meeting is open to industry. Register here.
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