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November 2017 Newsletter
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
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November 2017
For iNEMI Members Only
iNEMI is pleased to welcome Urban Mining Company as our newest member. The first representative is Peter Afiuny. Urban Mining Company recycles and manufactures rare earth magnets. Its Magnet-to-Magnet (M2M™) process makes use of domestic source materials harvested from end-of life products and devices, like hard disk drives or motors, for manufacturing high-performance NdFeB magnets. The company’s Grain Boundary Engineering (GBE™) and Grain Boundary Modification (GBM™) processes increase performance while reducing the use of rare earth materials. Urban Mining is the only NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet producer in the U.S. 
iNEMI Technical Plan & Highlights from IPSR (November 21 − two sessions)

Join us for the last quarterly member meeting of 2017. It has been a busy year for iNEMI, so if you want to get caught up, be sure to register. Discussions will cover the iNEMI Technical Plan, potential projects for next year, plus updates on ongoing projects.

Robert Pfahl, Director of Roadmapping for IPSR International (Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap) will discuss roadmap highlights, with a focus on some of the key challenges of the photonic systems manufacturing supply chain over the next 10 years. Register now.
Meetings in Europe
Steve Payne, iNEMI Manager of European Operations, will be attending events in Munich, Germany this month. On November 13, he'll be at a Fraunhofer workshop, Challenges and Opportunities in Packaging for Automotive Electronics: On the Road to Autonomous Driving. On November 16, he will be presenting highlights of the 2017 iNEMI Roadmap at Productronica/Semicon 2017. If you would like to meet with Steve on November 14-17 in Munich, please email or text/call on his cell phone: +44 7802 443 098.
IEEE SusTech 2017 (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) – November 12-14

Webinar: Q4 iNEMI Member Update – November 20 & 21

EcoDesign 2017 (Tainan, Taiwan) – November 29 – December 1

Mid-Project Webinar: Reuse and Recycling Metrics, Phase 2 – December 5

End-of-Project Webinar: Qualification Test Development for Creep Corrosion, Phase 3 – December 12/13


2017 iNEMI Technical Plan
Webinar: Knowledge Based Qualification - Meeting Challenges of New Markets and New Technologies, presented by Intel (October 19)
Call for Participation presentation: Wafer/Panel Level Package Flowability and Warpage (October 25 & 26)
iNEMI Session at 2017 IMPACT (October 27; Taipei, Taiwan)
Call for Participation presentation: Wafer/Panel Level Fine Pitch Substrate Inspection/Metrology, Phase 2 (October 31 & November 1)
End-of-Project Webinar: Final Assembly Automation and Optimization (November 2)
New Projects in Sign-Up

Wafer/Panel Level Fine Pitch Substrate Inspection/Metrology
(Sign up by November 30)

This project will do a measurement study on 10um line width to 1um line width with several defects pattern. More information.

Wafer/Panel Level Package Flowability and Warpage 

This new initiative aims to identify key processing parameters and factors that influence flowability and investigate the factors from flowability that impact warpage. More information.

Project Reports Scheduled

Mid-Project Webinar: Reuse and Recycling Metrics, Phase 2
(December 5)

This webinar will present current work on impacts for a metric that goes beyond mass-based considerations and requests discussion and input on the work. More information.

End-of-Project Webinar: Qualification Test Development for Creep Corrosion, Phase 3 (December 12/13)

This member-only webinar will present findings from the focused study of the effect of relative humidity on creep corrosion. Get additional details.
iNEMI Technical Plan is Available
If you haven’t done so already, remember to download a copy of the iNEMI Technical Plan. This document, developed by iNEMI’s Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) and based on needs identified in the 2017 iNEMI Roadmap, is a key element in project planning for the next two to five years. Please take a look to see if your company might want to support any of the proposed projects. Feel free to contact Grace O’Malley if you have an interest in organizing a new project.
Research Priorities Development Proceeding
Members of the 2017 iNEMI Research Committee continue their work on the 2017 Research Priorities. This document draws its strategic needs from the 2017 Roadmap, as vetted by the iNEMI Technical Committee, and refined by iNEMI’s TIGs. The Research Committee uses these inputs to prepare the biennial Research Priorities document. The resulting prioritized and categorized needs are then made available to the supply chain to focus research resources for suitable resolution of needs and/or gaps. We expect to publish this document in November.
PEG Work Started on 2019 Roadmap
Work has begun on the 2019 Roadmap, with several preparatory meetings held in mid-to-late October. Initial work is focused on the seven PEGs (Product Emulator Groups). These chapters drive the needs for the 21 TWG (Technology Working Group) chapters, and so they have a six-month head start for developing their forecasts.

We are looking for representatives from OEM or Tier 1 suppliers to chair/co-chair the following PEGs: Automotive, Portable/Wireless, Consumer/Office, and IoT/Wearables. Chairs don't have to be from member companies, but we would like to offer these opportunities to members before opening them to non-members. Please contact Chuck Richardson or Linda Wilson for more information about leadership opportunities.
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