Advancing Manufacturing Technology

Organic Packaging Substrates Workshop
Nagoya, Japan | November 17-18, 2009
Sunday, November 29, 2009
Section: Presentations & Reports

New initiatives

1.  Warpage
       a.  Identification of Qualification Criteria (Substrates, Package and Board Levels)
       b.  Identification of Primary Factors of Warpage
2.  Miniaturization
       a.  Wiring Density Program
              1)  Materials
              2)  Lithography
              3)  Plating
              4)  Inspection and Test
3.  Holistic Approach to Packaging
       a.  Development of Holistic Modeling Process
       b.  Optimization of Time to Yield (Design, Materials, Packaging)
       c.  Reliability Methodology for Substrates

Detailed initiatives from this workshop (PDF file)

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