Advancing Manufacturing Technology

iNEMI Low-Temperature Solder Workshop SMTA China
Shanghai, China | April 24, 2019
Friday, May 3, 2019
Section: Presentations & Reports

iNEMI Low-Temperature Solder Workshop
SMTA China, held in conjunction with NEPCON China
April 24, 2019 / Shanghai

  1. Welcome & Introduction, Dr. Haley Fu, Director for Asia Pacific & Project Management, iNEMI
  2. LTS Manufacturing Challenges & Solutions, Kok Kwan Tang, TPTD Technical Program Manager, Intel 
  3. Low Temperature Solder System in Electronic Package, Dr. Jun Shen, Professor, PhD Advisor, Chongqing University
  4. iNEMI BiSn-Based Low-Temperature Soldering Process and Reliability Project Report, Dr. Haley Fu, Director for Asia Pacific & Project Management, iNEMI
  5. Low Temperature Solder Overview, Jacky Zhang, Global Supplier Quality Manager, Dell
  6. Development of Low Temperature Solder for Next Generation SMT, Naoki Kubota, Technical Sales Specialist, Tamura Corporation
  7. Low Temperature Solder for SMT, Domini Zhang, Operations Engineering Manager, Flex
  8. Advanced Low Temp Lead-free Solder for SMT Assembly, Watson Tseng, Vice President of R&D and General Manager of America, Shenmao Technology
  9. High Reliability Low Temperature Soldering Alloys for Next Generation Assemblies, Annie Yang, Regional Marketing Manager–China, MacDermid Alpha
  10. Application of Low Temperature Soldering Technology in Electronic Assembly—Assembly and Reliability Challenges, Dr. Panju Shang, Senior Engineer, Huawei Technologies
  11. Introduction of Eunow & DW-1000, Qin Chen, R&D Manager, Eunow

  12. High Speed Shear Results of Low Temperature Solder, Dr. Xin Wang, SMT Lab Associate Manager, Quanta