Advancing Manufacturing Technology

iNEMI Member Meeting (Japan 2015)
Tsukuba, Japan | August 7, 2015
Saturday, August 29, 2015
Section: Presentations & Reports

Intel Japan hosted the second members’ meeting in Japan at Intel Tsukuba office.  Fifteen people attended the meeting.  Three presentations were made by iNEMI members:
  • Innovations in Smart & Connected Devices, presented by Kinya Ichikawa (Intel Corporation).  Ichikawa-san talked about Innovation in smart & connected devices, including technology diver & challenge of pitch scaling, 2.3D/3D integration with EMIB (Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge) and ultra thin technology.
  • Low Loss Laminate Materials for High Speed Application, presented by Toshiyuki Iijima (Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.).  Ijima-san talked about low loss laminate materials for high speed application, including Hitachi’s ULL material technology of existing HE679G/LW900G/910G and also future L3 (Low Dk/ Df, CTE) and Light Wave2 (glass cloth less film type).
  • Outline of NMC, presented Akihito Nishibayashi (Nippon Micrometal).  Nishibayashi-san talked about Pd coated Cu (EX1 & EX1p) wire technology and market trend, and micro solder ball of Cu cored solder ball.
iNEMI project updates and roadmap overview were also presented to the members: Contact Masahiro Tsuriya for more information.